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Review Somewhere Only We Know by Cheyanne Young

Review Somewhere Only We Know by Cheyanne YoungSomewhere Only We Know by Cheyanne Young
on June 15, 2014
Genres: YA, Fantasy
Pages: 235
Source: Netgalley

I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


Sadie Bradford’s life is one anxiety attack after another. The only time she feels okay is when she’s with her best friend Aaron. All she wants is a boring summer with him but her grandmother has other plans: Sadie will get a job and meet new friends. Friends without brain injuries that make them forget everything. Friends that aren’t Aaron.While Sadie struggles to survive her anxiety with all these new changes, she and Aaron find the portal to an alternate world. Isola Fiona isn’t just a fun escape—it’s a place that cures memory loss and anxiety. It’s a place where they can fall in love. But no one stays in that world for long and every time they return home, Sadie’s anxiety is a little better but Aaron’s memory is still gone. Frustrated that he doesn’t remember their time together, Aaron makes a rash decision that might ruin everything. By the time Sadie has a chance to make things right, it's already too late.

In ” An Oyster Shell-

If you are looking for something a bit different, with a more aggressive main character and bittersweet ending give this a book try. In the end I liked it and would recommend it sparingly. It’s not for everyone.

The Pearls –

I was frustrated with the Sadie at first she was too abrasive for me. Though I wonder if I was uncomfortable with her because she was uncomfortable with herself. It’s possible and if that’s the case. The author got me into the character’s head. It was not nice but that’s some great skill on Cheyanne Young’s part.

Though I was distracted with my dislike with Sadie, somewhere along the way of being pulled into the fantastical storyline of Sadie growing out of her anxiety into herself with the help of Isola Fiona, I lost myself! The book changed so quickly. One minute I was begrudgingly moving through the storyline and the next thing I know I’m shaking my fist and yelling at my kindle. It’s not every day (for me at least) that a story elicits a violent reaction from me. I had fun with it.

The characters where great.I ended up taking more to the supporting characters then I did to Sadie. The author really did great with giving the characters individual voice which is huge for me.

The romantic side of the book was fun. A bit unexpected and an unusual relationship, which makes the book fairly interesting.

I think the element that shines for me the most in this book is the setting. Young really crafted a great world in Isola Fiona. It was just absolutely beautiful.

The Sand – The most distracting thing for me in this book was the aggressiveness of Sadie that gets thrown in your face right away. I felt like I was just not that good of friends with her yet to want to deal with her drama. It comes down to I did not feel like Sadie had the proper set-up to justify her aggressiveness in the beginning. Though, I do understand that chronic anxiety has away of making you irritable and unlikable. I think I’m just a bit of a princess in that I want to like the characters right away. So it’s really personal taste.

Three Pearls!

3 Stars

About Cheyanne Young

Cheyanne is a native Texan with a fear of cold weather and a coffee addiction that probably needs an intervention. She loves books, sarcasm, nail polish and paid holidays. She lives near the beach with her family, one spoiled rotten puppy and a cat who is most likely plotting to take over the world.

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