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Review – The D.B. List by Rebekah L. Purdy

Review – The D.B. List by Rebekah L. PurdyThe D.B. List by Rebekah L. Purdy
Published by Swoon Reads on June 13, 2017
Pages: 186
Source: Publisher

I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


Seventeen-year-old Ellie Gebhardt has spent the last three years of high school in psychotherapy, trying to fix a very broken her. And her shrink (or therapist as she likes to be called) seems to think that in order to totally heal, she needs to recognize all the good and bad things that have led her to this point. As if a trip down memory lane will suddenly make her better.
She’s given a “homework” assignment to create two lists. One with nothing but happy memories and thoughts on it (otherwise known as the ‘happy rainbow farting unicorns list’). And the other with everything negative that Ellie thinks contributed to “the” day she could no longer cope.
So begins Ellie’s Douche Bag list (or D.B. List for short). And once she gets started, it’s hard to stop remembering all the jerks, the petty crap, the times she’d been bullied or the main focus of the rumor mill.
So when nice guy, Ky Laramie, walks into her life, Ellie instantly puts her shields up. But as she gets to know him and his family, she wonders if she can dare to put herself out there again. Because as everyone knows, once a candle is lit, the wind can always blow it out. And Ellie couldn’t handle it if Ky ends up atop of the D.B. List.

Ellie Gebhardt is in the mental hospital after a brush with death. Her therapist has an idea to help her get better to make a list of the positive and negative in her life. With this idea, the D.B. list is born. Ellie goes on a trip down memory lane seeing the good and the bad. While she is getting better she makes a couple of friends in the hospital. As she recovers she reconciles the past both good and bad.

In ” an Oyster shell – A refreshing read that embraced the good and bad that life has to offer.

The Pearls – I like the idea of a mental health patient as the star of the book. The funny thing about Ellie is she was saner than most. I don’t usually like journal entries as a vessel to carry the story, but I didn’t mind it in this book. It really worked. Rebekah L. Purdy is a very talented author and it shows in this book. If you can make me like something that I don’t usually like that attests to the talent of the writer.

The characters were well defined and distinctive. Ellie was a compelling character. She had a lot of compassion and as the reader, you could give that to her in return. Ellie’s roommate was a great supporting character that added depth to the story.

The theme of the book is finding your inner strength and standing up for yourself. Ellie does this well in the book. She also leads other characters to do this for themselves.

The Sand – It was a good book.

4 Pearls!

4 Stars

About Rebekah L. Purdy

I was born and raised in Michigan (just look for the giant mitten on the map—it’ll likely throw a snowball at you). I spent most of my time in Michigan, but while in the army got to call KS, SC, MO, and CA home for awhile as well.

As a kid my family moved around a lot. Try spending both your freshman and senior years at new schools (yeah, loads of fun). I could’ve changed my name to “new girl”.

I love writing for teens because those are the years I remember falling in love with most of my favorite books. Some of the authors I couldn’t put down were L.J. Smith, Christopher Pike, R.L. Stine, Richie Tankersley Cusick, Joan Lowery Nixon, Lois Duncan, amongst several others.

My husband and I have a large family. There are six kids total! So we have LOTS of fun on vacations (although hours on the road, cooped up in the Expedition is kind of stressful—although we pass the time with MAD LIBS and hoping no one gets carsick).

Some fun facts about me:

My first real crush was on Luke Skywalker (LOL—hey, I was like 8 years old and it came out before I was born).

I’m obsessed with several TV shows/Movies: The Vampire Diaries, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Sean of the Dead, The Sing Off, Ghost Hunters, Destination Truth, True Blood, Being Human, Fact or Fake, and all the cake designing ones! Oh and all the spoof movies!

I still own all the books I bought as a kid/teen.

I have a hankering for chocolate (like all the time, seriously. If my arm was made of it I’d chew it off).

Celebrity crushes: Johnny Depp (woohoo), Taylor Lautner (okay, I know he’s kind of young for me), Ian Somerhalder (ooh, he’s just right. We’re the same age). Wow, this was like a Goldie Locks and the Three Bears moment. Johnny Depp too old, Taylor Lautner too young, Ian Somerhalder—JUST RIGHT.

In my spare time I like to write (obviously), read, sing, hang out with my kids, play with my animals, camp, play soccer, check my email (hehehe), watch football (go LIONS). I also love hanging out with my sister and hubby!

Look forward to chatting with everyone! And if you’re lucky, I’ll break out the opera voice and chase you around singing!

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