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Review- Shift by Donnielle Tyner with Caelien Cycle Series Review

Review- Shift by Donnielle Tyner with Caelien Cycle Series ReviewShift by Donnielle Tyner
Series: The Caelian Cycle #3
Published by Self on July 15, 2016
Genres: YA, Si-Fi
Pages: 252
Source: Author

I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


Chaos is what rules Sadie’s life. Separation, lies, and an overpowering Talent have pushed her fragile sanity to the breaking point. Without Kian to fall back on, Sadie has to learn that her strength comes from within – as well as from those she loves. Just when Sadie begins to attain some stability, the true nature of her Talent reveals itself, causing her world to shift.
War is on the horizon. Tensions are rising at an exponential pace between the US government and the Caelian citizens of America ever since the exploits of the HPC were exposed. Communities are being torn apart. The United States is on the brink of another civil war. Mistrust, hatred, and fear are the fuel behind the violence plaguing its citizens. Something needs to shift.
Peace is what unites the HCA and the Caelian families who strive for positive change. Some progress is being made, until Miles Koenig reveals his master plan 20 years in the making. Hoping to enact change and unify the nation, Sadie embarks on a dangerous mission not only to stop her grandfather, but to transform the pending war into a revolution for peace.
Everything is going to SHIFT

In this last insatllment of the Caelien Cycle series, we find Sadie a little worse for the wear. She is forced to reside at her Great aunt’s house while the war that was instigated by her Grandfather wages between Caelien’s and the norms. Sadie is struggling with PTSD and her new environment missing her friends. She struggles to get her talent under control. With the help of some new faces and her old friends they seek to make Sadie better so she can play her part in ending the war. At what cost will it come to Sadie will she lose friends or possibly more?

In ” an Oyster Shell – It was a bittersweet ending to the Caelien Cycle series, I recommend this book and the whole series!

The Pearls – After I ended this book I was super sad because, in the end, this series was on point. It was excellent, it was good. You really know the quality of story by how well it ends. I was very impressed with this series ending.

The pacing of this book was unique compared to other books in the series. There was a lot of inter-personal reflection which was necessary. Usually, I wouldn’t have patience for this in a book but in previous books (in this series) the action was so intense, the change in pace was nice and appropriate.

The characters both old and new were great and kept me turning the pages. I feel like we get a more complete look at Sadie the MC. It really helps put everything in perspective. I like how the author included new characters while embracing the old. The relationships these characters had made me feel like I was right in the middle of the story.

The Sand – This book is the strongest yet, that I have read from this author. I still feel that she will command more authority in her stories as she grows in more experience. I can tell because this series has shown incredible growth and I imagine it will continue.

4 Pearls!


I am going to take a moment and do a quick review for the series. In short, it was most excellent. Like I said in this review I’ve seen the author grow in leaps and bounds. She really hit the series out of the park with the last book. This is a series I am proud to recommend to people because it really is that good. I sat on my Goodreads account recommending it to people left and right, something that I don’t usually do. I would say with sound character structure and the strong plot that continued over three books – I gladly give this series 5 pearls!



About Donnielle Tyner

Donnielle Tyner has held down many jobs, but never found satisfaction until she became a freelance writer and stay at home mom. She began writing in junior high when a teacher gave her a book of poetry. Ever since, she found a deep passion for reading and writing. Donnielle is from North Texas and enjoys her chickens, garden, and most of all her children.

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  • sjhigbee August 14, 2016, 5:29 pm

    A great review – this series sounds really good. It’s always a bonus when the books get better as a series progresses. Many thanks for sharing, Jessica:).

    • Jessica August 14, 2016, 9:19 pm

      Thanks for stopping by. It was really good! I really feel like the author grew throughout the series! It was fun to watch.

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