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Review – See Her Run by A.K. Leigh

Review – See Her Run by  A.K. LeighSee Her Run: by A.K. Leigh
on January 23, 2018
Genres: Suspense, Romance
Pages: 307

I received this book for free from YA Bound Book Tours in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


See Her Run blends elements of romance, suspense, and psychological thriller in an exploration of life after severe trauma.

Diana King arrives in Smithfield, North Carolina as part of her witness protection relocation. After six months of running from her crime boss ex-husband, she is looking forward to starting over in the quaint country town.

Jonathan Smith has no time for love. Not after the devastating relationships he has experienced. He prefers to focus on his Mixed Martial Arts business, his family farm, and the management of the town he owns.

That is, until he meets the mysterious newcomer. Something stirs in him; something familiar that remains elusive. This only serves to increase his curiosity – and attraction.

Though he is unaware of the important connection he has to her past, Diana realises immediately. Prevented from divulging the information, she struggles between the growing feelings she has for Jonathan and the freedom she fought so hard to obtain.

But, when secrets are exposed, and the past comes looking, will Diana and Jonathan’s new-found love survive? Or will they pay for it with their lives?

In the end . . . you can run from everything except your past.

Diana King has to learn to answer to her new name as she runs to her next safe house in witness protection. The last person she expects to see is Jonathon Smith her unexpected connection to the past she is trying to forget. Jonathon doesn’t recognize her but realizes she feels very familiar and wants more than a friendship. When the past catches up with both of them it could undo all the fragile trust they have built together.

In ” an Oyster Shell – A story that will leave you on the edge of your seat and cheering for Jonathon and Diana.

The Pearls –  I loved the book form the very beginning. You can tell something is wrong but you don’t know what it is. Curiosity keeps you turning the pages. At first, you want more information but your curiosity is satisfied soon enough as the mystery unravels page after page.

The small town setting encased a lot of great characters. Small towns could be a good place to hide sometimes, but not always. People getting interested in where a stranger comes from could jeopardize the anonymity that is trying to be achieved.

Diana had a lot of baggage. Jonathon was a loving gentle hero that helped her bring her walls down. Even in the midst of danger and chaos, they come together in a romance that will leave you wanting more.

The Sand – They say a good story always ends too soon. That was the case with this book I wanted more it was so good!

4 Pearls!

4 Stars

About A.K. Leigh

Australian romance author, star-gazer, hot chocolate addict, incurable romantic, daydream believer, and identical triplet!

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