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Review – One Black Rose by Maddy Edwards

Review – One Black Rose by Maddy EdwardsOne Black Rose (One Black Rose, #1) by Maddy Edwards
on October 10th 2011
Genres: YA, Fantasy
Pages: 144
Source: Xpresso Book Tours

I received this book for free from Xpresso Book Tours in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


Sixteen-year-old Autumn goes to stay with her friend Carley in Castleton, Maine, for the summer. All she’s expecting is a normal couple of months hanging out at the beach with friends. Nothing out of the ordinary was supposed to happen.
But as soon as she arrives she meets Holt Roth. Holt is unlike anyone she’s ever met before – and her reaction to him is even more unexpected.
Then she meets his friend, Samuel Cheshire. If her reaction to Holt was strong, her reaction to Samuel is shocking. The only problem is that he seems to hate her for no reason at all.
Not being able to choose between two guys is only the beginning of Autumn’s problems, because both Samuel and Holt are Fairy Princes, and Autumn is caught between her own desires and the Fairy Courts, who might cause her immeasurable pain if she makes the wrong choice.

Autumn goes to Castleton Maine to spend the summer with her best friend Carley. Upon arrival, she meets Holt Roth who gives her a ride when Carley forgets to show up. Autumn feels a strong connection to Holt that she can’t explain. She then meets his friend Samuel and the connection is even stronger. Something is strange about these two boys and Autumn soon discovers that the boys are actually fairies who are in rivalry. Autumn is caught in the middle of a timeless feud.

In ” an Oyster Shell –  A quick easy read about fairies in the modern world.

The Pearls – 

I love a good story about fairies. This book delivered in that sense. It was interesting to have fairies from seasons who are a rivalry. It was unique and imaginative.

The small town feel came through. It was a beautiful setting in Maine. I loved that there was a coffee shop that Autumn worked at. It added a nice depth to the story.

There was a good variety of characters. There were lots of characters and they all had their place. There was good development for the most part.

The Sand – I didn’t like the ending of the story. It wasn’t a complete book you had to read the rest of the series to get any satisfation.

3.5 Pearls!

3.5 Stars

About Maddy Edwards

Maddy Edwards is the author of the Paranormal Public and One Black Rose and Spiral series!

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