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Review of The Evolution of Lillie Gable by Kristen Otte

Review of The Evolution of Lillie Gable by Kristen OtteThe Evolution of Lillie Gable (Eastbrook Book 2) by Kristen Otte
on March 31, 2015
Genres: YA, Contemporary
Pages: 292
Source: Author

I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


Meet Lillie Gable- high school sophomore, outgoing, beautiful, athletic, and funny... She is the life of any party. Her boyfriend, Jake, is a smoking hot senior, and Lillie is on track to be a starter on the varsity girls' basketball team this year. But trouble looms behind the façade. Lillie's home life is a wreck. Her father is hiding a secret, and Lillie is determined to find the truth, even if it tears apart her family. While she searches for the truth about her father, the last thing Lillie needs is a feud with Angela Barrett, the brass, bleached blonde senior who is the queen of the rumor mill. Angela is determined to ruin Lillie's reputation because she has set her sights on Lillie's boyfriend, Jake. Heartbroken and humiliated, Lillie can't return to the life she once knew. Does she have the strength and resolve to forge a new path now that everything is changing? The Evolution of Lillie Gable is a young adult realistic fiction novel for teens 14 and up. 

In ” An Oyster Shell – This was one of the better YA’s I have read in a long time, it’s a riveting story of a young teenager navigating life. I recommend it.

The Pearls – My favorite thing about this book was the showing of a realistic teenager. I can’t stand when under-age people (is that the pc term?) are portrayed as having all this freedom and maturity that reflects the author not the character. Otte did really well in letting Lillie stand on her own two feet, and experience real teenage problems. I commend her for that.

The story line was solid. From beginning to middle, to end, there was quite a bit of skill that went into crafting this story. In that I am not a teenager myself, it would be hard to get me to relate to such a character, but I felt I could with Lillie. I felt every character played their proper roles. I really cared about what happened in the end.

I really appreciate that the author showed real-time, age appropriate consequences to her character’s actions. I feel like a lot of YA authors lack in doing this, Otte does not.

The Sand – The action was a little lacking, especially in the beginning.  I felt the conflict could of been revealed a bit sooner.  It was more of an inter-personal drama.

I give this 4 pearls.

4 Stars

About Kristen Otte

Kristen Otte is an author who calls Cincinnati, Ohio, her home. Her mission is to bring joy and laughter to people young and old with stories. She writes books for children, teens, and adults. In her free time, she can be found running, reading, coaching basketball, playing board games with her husband, or walking her crazy dogs, Zelda the Pug and Peach the Boston Terrier.

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