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Review of November Sky by Marleen Reichenberg

Review of November Sky by Marleen ReichenbergNovember Sky by Marleen Reichenberg
Published by Amazon Crossing on July 7, 2015
Genres: Literary Fiction, Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 241
Source: Kindle Unlimited

After a humiliating deception that she believed had left her permanently scarred, Laura thought she’d never love again. She’d finally come to terms with her quiet, predictable life—that is, until she meets charismatic actor Nick, who rekindles her faith in men.Despite initial doubts, Laura begins to let Nick in. But as she learns to trust again, she’s surprised to find that he’s not always the cheerful, confident man he appears to be when the cameras are rolling. Soon Nick’s violent downswings begin to push the limits of her endurance, and Laura must find the strength to help him understand his own dark past. But can she save him—without losing herself?

In ” an Oyster Shell – This was a haunting read of endurance in a challenging relationship. It leaves you raw, but hopeful. I suggest you read it, but be prepared to cry and run the gamut of emotions.

The Pearls – This book was complete in so many ways. There were no lulls in the storyline. The character’s were on par, well-developed. The setting was great of course…. Paris and Germany how could you go wrong?

I was super impressed with the fact that this book has been translated from German into English. It was grammatically emaculate. I would think that some things would not translate well, but they did, beautifully.

The romance in this story was almost tragic. It deals with the trappings of loving someone to a point of losing yourself. This book deals with mental illness and it is so sad. You love somebody, but you don’t know the depth of their struggles until your with them. If you are a person of true commitment there is hardly a way out. Even if you do have to leave the relationship, you never can fully leave the person, they stay with you somehow. That’s what this MC faced. Trust me you feel her pain.

The story was just impeccably crafted from beginning to end. I was finishing up the book as my husband was going through a drive-through. I was yelling in triumph, hands in the air and everything. Both my husband, and the lady handing him his order, were staring at me. It happens. I tried to explain it to my husband, why I was so happy… He said “Guess you had to be there…” Then he corrected himself. “Guess you had to read there…” He’s clever! So true. I hope you read it.

The Sand –  This is a literary work of genius!

People! I might go broke with all these 5 pearls I have been reading lately. So funny, I’ve read more 5 pearls this week, than I have the last 5 months of reading. A promise is a promise, here is your chance to win a copy!

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About Marleen Reichenberg

Marleen Reichenberg was born and raised near Munich, Germany. Before publishing her first novel in 2012, Reichenberg studied law and worked for several years as a lawyer. She currently lives in southern Germany with her husband and two children.

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