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Review – Love on the Line by Kirsten Fullmer

Review – Love on the Line by Kirsten FullmerLove on the Line by Kirsten Fullmer
Published by Augustine Press on June 14, 2017
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 368
Source: Author

I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


Andy may not have pipeline know-how, per se, but she’s got brains and every right to prove that she can do the job. Her estranged grandpa, Buck, believes she has what it takes to be his engineering assistant, and she’s not about to let him down.

Rooster isn’t a bad guy. He respects women, he was raised by one of the best. But that new girl is too small and… feminine. She’s a distraction, plain and simple, and she doesn’t belong on a pipeline. This job is his chance to impress Buck Brennan, a pipeline legend, and no girly greenhorn is going to ruin it for him.

Will Andy prove herself to her grandfather and forge a relationship with the old man, or will continuous disagreements and unexpected sexual tension between Andy and Rooster derail their hard work?

Andy decides to take a break from school and work on the pipeline with her estranged grandpa Buck. Buck thinks Andy has what it takes to be his assistant engineer so he invites her along. Andy works hard in a harsh environment that is male dominated. Rooster thinks Andy is too small and will be a liability on the pipeline. Rooster has worked hard to get the approval of Buck and doesn’t want Andy to jeopardize that. The sexual tension between Andy and Rooster grow much to their surprise. Rooster and Andy both worry that a relationship between them will jeopardize everything they have worked for.

In ” an Oyster Shell –  The pacing is slow in the beginning but picks up to be a page turning romance.

The Pearls – I love the idea of a woman at work series. I am glad the author is kicking it off with a woman on the pipeline. She makes the tension of Andy working in a male dominated world, tangible.

The characters were outstanding. The author had a good grip on her characters. My favorite character was the Grandpa Buck. He was rough on the outside but had a heart of gold on the inside. Andy’s relationship with Buck really sets the tone of the story. All character was well developed. Andy was an interesting character. She wasn’t too sure of herself in the beginning but grow in confidence as the story develops.

The themes in the story were compelling. There was a strong theme of family ties. I really liked that. Andy was close with her parents and she grew close to Buck. Rooster also had a close relationship with his mother. His relationship motivates him through out the story.

The book was very dynamic.

The Sand – The Pacing was slow at first and was hard to stick with it. When the romance got more prominent, it became easier to stay engaged.

3.5 Pearls!

3.5 Stars

About Kirsten Fullmer

Reading has always been a cherished part of my life. Some of my earliest memories are of my mother taking me to the library where I could wander down rows and rows of books and touch them all! Long before I could read I’d curl up with a book to enjoy the pictures, the feel and smell of the pages. I lived in small towns my entire childhood and spent my days playing outside with mosquito bitten legs. My first reading experiences, carefully sounding out words, are burned in my memory as a right of passage. When my children were young my husband and I were in college and money was tight, but the library always welcomed us, and I’m proud to say that my kids all read voraciously. I’ve had the opportunity to travel the country and learn about many places and people, to live in large cities as well as tiny burgs. I’ve lived in the Pacific Northwest, the Rocky Mountains, the Midwest, New England, and the coasts of Florida. My love of the classics has grown and expanded to include a passion for contemporary romance and humor. It took me years to convert to an e-reader because I just love books, but the joy of shopping for a book from my bed in the middle of the night was a lure I couldn’t resist. I still can’t pass by a bookstores, and the shiny pages of a home décor magazine make my fingers itch to pick it up, but the soft glow of digital pages at night has become an undeniable comfort. To hold my own novel for the first time was a surreal moment of fascinated fear and joy.

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