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Review – I’m not Her by Cara Sue Achterberg

Review – I’m not Her by Cara Sue AchterbergI'm Not Her by Cara Sue Achterberg
on August 4th 2015
Genres: Women's Fiction
Pages: 302
Format: Mobi
Source: Publisher

I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


It was a Tuesday like any other. And then it wasn't. A simple encounter at a supermarket changed Carin Fletcher's and Leann Cane's lives – literally. Suddenly Carin, a pretty, self-absorbed, underemployed college graduate, finds herself living as Leann, an uneducated, perennially poor, obese checkout clerk, and vice versa.
Carin is at first horrified: she’s enormous, she can barely make ends meet, her husband is an abusive loser, and she's saddled with the kid Leann had when she was a teenager. Meanwhile, Leann is initially thrilled: she's escaped destitution, she looks like a model, and people treat her completely differently.
But as the days pass, it becomes clear that life isn't clear-cut for either woman. Carin finds herself attaching to Trevor, Leann's precocious son, and developing feelings for Jimmy, a fellow employee who treats her with the respect few others bother to give her because of her appearance. At the same time, Leann is living a life she's always wanted in a body she's always dreamed about, but that doesn't mean that all of her problems have gone away...and a new one is emerging with Carin's sometimes-boyfriend.
Both women are facing unknowable futures that neither could have imagined. Are they destined to live this way forever? And if so, where will it all lead?
A brilliant, nuanced, and surprising tale about the way the world sees us and the courses we are on, I'M NOT HER is a remarkably assured first novel that introduces a profound new storyteller.

In ” an Oyster Shell – This is one of the best books I have read in a long time. The quality and unique storyline made this an epic read.

The Pearls – I liked the Freaky-Friday like aspect to this story. I like how the author took two completely different characters and switched them into each other’s life. I was drawn into the story by the great empathy I felt for the character’s dilemma. The contrast of the characters was great, so when they lived each others lives there was a lot of adjusting. I really like how Carin embraces her role in Leann’s life and takes charge of it, making it better. It’s like borrowing something and returning in better then when you received it. The story was just spell-binding. I couldn’t put it down!

The romance in this story was really sweet. I like how Carin finds love through being Leann, and learns what true love really is. I like that she is put in a position to be vulnerable that gave opportunity – to the relationship she built with Jimmy. The characters became very real for me.

The ending was remarkable.The last line of the book left me breathless!  I felt great closure in the story. Yet, it’s like the characters were moving on. . The story was still going in my mind even though it was finished. That to me is an excellent story!

The Sand – This story was literary perfection!

5 Pearls.

5 Stars

About Cara Sue Achterberg

Cara Sue Achterberg is a compulisve blogger and novelist who lives on a hillside farm in South Central, Pennsylvania.

Her novel, I’m Not Her, was published in August 2015 by The Story Plant.

Cara is a prolific blogger and currently posts on four (count ’em!) sites which can all be accessed through her website, www.carawrites.com.

Cara’s essays and articles have been published in numerous anthologies, national magazines, websites, and blogs, in addition to local media.

Cara grew up in Hockessin, Delaware (and still considers Delaware the best state of all).

Cara is passionate about organic food, clean air, productive gardens, uncluttered lives, and real relationships. She is also passionate about adopting rescue dogs and currently fosters dogs and puppies for the all-breed rescue, Operation Paws for Homes.

Cara’s next projects include writing two more novels for The Story Plant, finding a publishing home for her young adult novel which explores the aftermath of a teen’s life after a texting and driving accident, and a memoir about her experience breaking a difficult horse while raising her (not-quite-as-difficult-but-certainly-not-easy) children.

When not writing or weeding (which can sometimes be one and the same), Cara enjoys running, hiking, reading, visiting Virginia wineries, and trying not to fall off her favorite horse, True.

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