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Review -How to Get Over Your Ex in Ninety Days by Jennifer Peel

Review -How to Get Over Your Ex in Ninety Days by Jennifer PeelHow to Get Over Your Ex in Ninety Days by Jennifer Peel
on December 26th 2016
Pages: 240

How to Get Over Your Ex in Ninety Days
• Break off all contact for ninety days.• Stay away from social media.• Remember all the things you liked to do when you were single and revisit those activities.• Think carefully about starting any new romantic attachments. • Wine, lots of wine. No, don’t. It could end badly. • Be mindful of anxiety and feelings of hopelessness. • Remind yourself it takes ninety days for your mind to switch gears and picture your life in a new direction.
Presley Benson thinks she found the perfect plan to get over her ex-boyfriend, Jackson Montgomery. All she needs is ninety days. There’s a problem, though. Jackson Montgomery is the newly appointed vice principal of Riverton High School where she teaches drama.
And oh yeah, he wants her back.
So what’s a girl to do? Stick with the plan of course.

Presley Benson is ready to join her friends in wedded bliss. She is eager to get her proposal, instead gets a break-up. Thanks to her friend Capri’s obsession with internet articles, they come up with a plan to get Presley over Jackson in ninety days. The plan calls for total deprivation of the person you are trying to get over. The hic-up in the plan is Jackson is the vice principal for the school Presley works for. Another wrench in the plan is Jackson wants her back.

In ” an Oyster Shell – A cute and creative romance, one  would expect from Jennifer Peel.

The Pearls – It was a cute and creative story. It’s not often that a man breaks up with a woman and wants her back. It was a fun twist on a break-up. I appreciate Presley’s determination to stick to the plan.

Presley was a lively tenacious character. She had a lot of gull. She also had a lot of curiosity that got her in some interesting entanglements. There were great supporting characters that made for a well-rounded story.

The romance was unique. Presley was fighting Jackson the whole way from getting her back. Jackson stuck to his mark and made for an entertaining romance.

The Sand – It was good.

4 Pearls!

4 Stars

About Jennifer Peel

Jennifer Peel is the mother of three amazing kiddos. Wife to her one and only for the past twenty-one years. Lover of late night talks, beach vacations, mountains, pink bubble gum ice cream, tours of model homes, and southern living. She can frequently be found with her laptop on, fingers typing away, indulging in chocolate milk, and writing out the stories that are constantly swirling through her head.

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