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Review Dark Justice by Jenna Ryan

Review Dark Justice by Jenna RyanDark Justice by Jenna Ryan
Published by Entangled Publishing. LLC (Amara) on October 23rd 2017
Pages: 254
Source: Publisher

I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


After attempting to help the FBI expose a ruthless weapons and drug dealer, Owen Fixx, Amber Kelly enters the Witness Protection Program. Unfortunately, her sister, who was once married to said drug dealer, is forced to join her—key word, forced. When Rachel grows tired of their new life and runs off with a local man, a nightmare ensues for Amber.

The only person who can help her is Gage Morgan, an edgy former police officer. The mysterious and compelling Gage must convince Amber that he is not only on her side, but he is also her best bet to stay alive.

Amber wants her sister back. What she doesn’t want is to be attracted to her sexy new protector. But in the haunted Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, desire trumps logic. And it leaves a smoldering trail for Fixx’s gunmen to follow.

Amber Kelly is in witness protection with her sister after she attempted to help the FBI with exposing a ruthless drug dealer. It just so happens that her sister was married to the said drug dealer. Gage Morgan is enlisted to help Amber get away from the thug who has found her and her sister. Amber is intent on getting her sister back even if it causes problems for her and Gage. While on the run they fight the attraction for each other which is a losing battle.

In ” an Oyster Shell – The narrative was a bit dry and hard to get through though there was a lot of action.

The Pearls – There was a lot of action. The characters could never stay in one place because they were constantly being attacked. They were being followed and could not figure out how. So no matter where they were they had to fight there way back to safety.

The supporting characters added depth to the story.

The plot was interesting. It was most interesting that they were constantly followed. It added a little mystery to the mix.

The Sand – The sister was a really weak character that Amber kept fighting for it was a bit frustrating. Overall the narrative was a bit dry and didn’t spark a connection for me.

3 Pearls

3 Stars

About Jenna Ryan

Jenna Ryan was born in Victoria, British Columbia. After long stints in different cities across Canada, she returned home to Vancouver Island where she has lived ever since. She has had thirty-one books published in the Harlequin Intrigue series. Her ideas come from real life, and she is helped in her writing by her sister Kathy.

She enjoys reading and is a big fan of women’s fiction, psychological suspense and mystery novels. She also enjoys watching classic suspense movies. She loves strong heroines, heroes with character, romance stories and a good whodunit by the fire on a rainy night.

Her heritage is a blend of English and Irish — which is probably where the gift of blarney comes from. She is unmarried, but involved with a wonderful man. She also has a little white cat named Sheena.

Whenever she is not writing, she travels as much as time and finances will allow. After North America, Europe is her favorite continent to explore, because it was in those countries that many of the myths and legends she drew upon in her early years of writing were born.

Growing up, she considered various careers and dabbled in several of them, including, after university, the travel industry, tourism, sales and modeling. Work in the fashion industry in Toronto and Montreal gave her an interesting peek into various aspects of that world. She learned that where money, power and people come together, there will always be unpredictability — an element she feels is essential to a strong mystery. Add a healthy measure of personal conflict, an intriguing setting and a spicy romance into the mix, and you have the ingredients for what she believes to be the best of all possible stories — a great romantic suspense. (less)

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