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Review Cancelled by by Michael Pinsky

Review Cancelled by by Michael PinskyCancelled: The Ultimate October Surprise by Michael Pinsky
on November 3, 2016
Pages: 302
Source: Online Book Club

A narcissistic president is determined not to leave office. He orchestrates a number of domestic and foreign incidents in an effort to create a state of emergency.
A retired general, following the news, connects the dots and starts on a mission to save the country and to keep America free.

This was an OnlineBookClub.org Book of the Day. You can find more about it at the bookshelf. 

There ” is a campaign going for the next president. It is between Samantha Thompson and Howard Austin. Thompson every the loyal left candidate looks for political correctness. Howard is looking for the truth and is stirring up controversy.  There are lots of national and international incidents happening. A General piece together that the current president just might be orchestrating these events for a more sinister plan. The plan is to declare a state of emergency so the election cannot proceed. The general works hard to make sure that America doesn’t turn into a dictatorship.

In an Oyster Shell – A political fiction with realistic current events.

The Pearls – The writing is clear and concise. The author wrote with conviction and passion.  The characters are diverse and well-defined.

The premise was interesting. The plot was not unrealistic. It really spoke to the what if’s of today’s political climate.

The characters are diverse and well-defined. My favorite character was Mendenhall who was the General who started piecing together that something wasn’t right. He thought the president might have something to do with it. The characters that surrounded him were also great supports that made the General’s stance more believable.

The antagonists which were many were a nice contrast to the story. Tom Dearborn and the president were the most antagonistic. Their characters rang true to their nature of being more of the villains. There is a lot of action with all of the attacks that happen. The mystery of what the President’s motives really were made this book the most interesting.

The fact that the author made room for a little romance was a redeemable quality for me. I liked in all the chaos of political upheaval. Something sweet to come out of the upheaval.

The ending was satisfying. It was quick but resolved all of the plot points. It was full of action and kept the reader on their toes.

The Sand –  The use of realistic events paired with fictitious ones was confusing at times. It was hard to know what has happened in reality and what was made up.

There was a political slant to this prose that was undeniable. I feel a more neutral political stance would have made this story more palatable.

If you are interested in political thrillers laced with current events, this book would be for you.

Though at first, I didn’t like this book because of it’s political slant and mix of realistic and fictitious events, I ended up really liking it. It’s a picture of what could have been. It’s a fairly realistic picture of the turmoil our current political state could invoke.

3 Pearls

3 Stars
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