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Review – Aaden Bluestar by David Gaughan

Review – Aaden Bluestar by David GaughanAaden BlueStar: An ordinary boy discovers he is extraterrestrial - A mix of science fiction time travel stories, galactic federation of light guardians, ... and Magic (Aaden BlueStar series Book 1) by David Gaughan
on December 27, 2014
Genres: Science Fiction
Pages: 258

At fifteen, Aaden Greene is imbued with extraordinary powers after a freak incident. Astounded by his powerful abilities he’s also confused by the terrifying vision of the monstrous apparition that appears before him at the time of his metaphysical awakening. Struggling to blend his ordinary life with visions of other lifetimes in extraterrestrial realms, he discovers his connection with an ET who has come to save our world. What amazes him most is the connection between the charismatic E.T. with whom he has been closely connected throughout the ages and his father, a Senator running for President on an environmental ticket. With each heart-pounding moment, the ensuing battle between the extraterrestrial BlueStar Beings and the formidable entity of Aaden’s earlier vision requires them to join forces to combat that negative energy. With an environmental backlash, the future of Earth and the survival of the human race depend on their success.

Aaden Greene is a normal teenager until he gets struck by lightening. Strange abilities start manifesting like a heightened awareness of danger, being able to read and manipulate people’s thoughts, being able to mentally transport to another dimension. His abilities come to be helpful when he foresees his dad getting in a car accident. He wasn’t able to prevent it yet his dad seems to survive though he is very different. He comes to find that his family is connected to an extraterrestrial race. His dad as been taken over by one of these beings. His goal is to help the world to prevent world destruction due to environmental issues. Aaden teams with the race to help the world be safe. There are dark powers at play. It’s a race against time to save humanity.

In ” an Oyster Shell – Aaden Bluestar is an imaginative, extremely creative story.

The Pearls – There are a few elements at play that work harmoniously together to make for a fun read. The author intertwined one human boy with an extraterrestrial race, it added a pleasant complexity.

Action starts right away to immediately engage the reader. The author shows a great knowledge of ecological issues. It seemed like there was a veiled message of the mess that the environment is in. That added a nice depth to the book.

The Sand – The transition of scenes from one perspective to the next got a little muddled. This added a little confusion for the reader. The ending was not satisfying. There is hope that there will be resolution in later books as this is a series.

Overall this book entertaining and informative.

3.5 Pearls!

3.5 Stars

About David Gaughan

With a keen interest in both metaphysical subjects and self help, David’s books range from the fanciful to the practical. If your interest is fiction or how-to self help, you’ll find both in David’s range of books. The science fiction/fantasy stories will challenge your perspective on life and the health range will help you with alternatives to mainstream treatments, while the self survival book gives practical ideas.
He has climbed the pyramids in Egypt, ridden camels in the Sahara desert, visited ancient ruins in Turkey and Ashrams in Northern India – much of his writing is influenced by the rich tapestry of life experiences.

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