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Review of Ugly StepSister by Aya Ling

Review of Ugly StepSister by Aya LingThe Ugly Stepsister by Aya Ling
on June 12, 2015
Genres: YA, Fantasy, Retelling
Pages: 452
Source: Xpresso Book Tours

I received this book for free from Xpresso Book Tours in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


When Kat accidentally rips apart an old picture book, she's magically transported into the world of Cinderella--as Katriona, one of the ugly stepsisters! Life turns upside down now that she’s a highborn lady and must learn how to survive the social season, including how to get through the door in a huge metal hoop skirt. To get back, she'll have to complete the story, right to the end of happily ever after. But the odds are huge: the other stepsister is drop-dead gorgeous, the fairy godmother is nowhere to be found, and the prince, despite being insanely hot, openly dislikes balls. Can she ever return to the modern world?

In ” An Oyster Shell- This was a fun cinderella retelling that reminded me a bit of Ella enchanted. It’s a fun read for cinderella fan’s. I had some issues with the end, but overall I thank it’s safe to give this book a try. 

The Pearls – What drew me to this book at first was the audacity to tell the story from the Ugly Step-Sister’s POV who ends up not really being the USS after all. I loved, LOVED, that the author took a contemporary character and threw her into the story of Cinderella. It had the lovely whimsical feel like Ella Enchanted. With curses and goblins??? It was just crazy enough to be super delightful! 

I really liked the romance of this story. I liked that the main character was sure her prince had to fall in love with someone else. I thought that was a unique twist to the story. I mean there is like no way that the ugly step-sister could be the princes true love…

The Sand – The author did not give due diligence with the ending. I was so excited to claim this book as a five pearl, then the end was rushed in the last few pages! Wow! One of the more epic disappointments in reading lately.

I’ve spent a lot of time pondering how debilitating was the end for my overall rating?

I was so mad when I first read it, I wanted to give it 2 pearls and throw my kindle through the window. I gave it some time, thought about it.(The Kindle is safe don’t worry)My conclusion is the author does a great injustice with a hurried ending. It does not, however, negate the care that went into the story before hand.

So without further ado, 

I give this book a 3.5 pearls.

3 Stars

About Aya Ling

Aya is from Taiwan, where she struggles daily to contain her obsession with mouthwatering and unhealthy foods. Often she will devour a good book instead. Her favorite books include martial arts romances, fairy tale retellings, high fantasy, cozy mysteries, and manga.

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  • Lory @ Emerald City Book Review July 29, 2015, 9:02 am

    Endings can be difficult. I wonder if many authors have trouble wrapping things up and just try to get it over with as fast as possible. It’s definitely frustrating when you’ve enjoyed a book so far, and then it ends in an unsatisfying rush.
    Lory @ Emerald City Book Review recently posted…Ten Bookish CharactersMy Profile

    • Jessica July 29, 2015, 10:53 am

      I am glad you can feel my pain Lory!

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