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Friday Let’s Talk – To Judge a Book By Its…


To ” Judge a Book By Its…

As an avid book reader turned book reviewer, I have a problem: how do I choose which books to read? I have a little system that I want to share with you. I see hundreds of books in a week, and can only read so many in a month; I had to come up with something to sift the wheat from the chaff, so to speak.

Here is what I do: I judge the book first, by its cover; second, by its book description; third, by its author photo. Extreme? Probably, but I have a big job ahead of me–weeding through tons of books so you, my audience, don’t have to!

By Its Cover – As cliché as it is, the cover is my first line of defense against a book that could be good or bad. If the author can’t take the time to extenuate the book’s content with a stunning cover, then I move on. To clarify, a stunning cover does not necessarily mean a pyrotechnic approach of intense graphics. Sometimes simple is best.

Like this cover:


It gets the point across and is the first invitation to me, the reader, into that story.

The Description – The description is the second invitation into the book. I like my book descriptions short and thorough. I am likely to skip over a book if the author’s description is long winded. If they can’t cut it down in a description, then I don’t have high hopes they can do that in their bigger work. Another consideration – due to some religious observances, there is some content that I won’t entertain. I scour the description for things that I don’t want to read about–like infidelity, paganism, ect… This is my personal choice, not one I am insisting other people have, by any means.

The Author Photo- This is a new criteria for me. Before my book blog, I never looked at the author photos. Now, I post them with the books I am reviewing. I feel that an author photo is important because it shows you how the person handles themselves professionally. Do you ever see a realtor sitting at a coffee table, surrounded by junk, looking off into who knows where? If you did, you probably wouldn’t want them selling your house! Just the same, authors need to show some professionalism…

I feel by the time you have looked at the cover, read the description, and glanced at the author photo, you should have a pretty good idea what you are getting into with that book. It’s not a fail safe system, but I have found that it works for me.

How do you discern which books to read?



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  • Aeriko @ The Reading Armchair May 22, 2015, 6:43 am

    The cover is of course a factor when trying to figure what’s the deal with the book. I also read the synopsis as well. But then I do something really weird, I usually read the last sentence of the book. It’s rarely a spoiler and somehow I can tell if it’s any good or not.
    Aeriko @ The Reading Armchair recently posted…ARC Review: Flash Gordon OmnibusMy Profile

    • Jessica May 22, 2015, 6:08 pm

      I am too scared to touch the back of a book… I hate spoilers! Ha ha… Maybe I’ll have to try it… make me squeamish thinking about it! I forgot to add… The obvious the title!!!! The Title is really the first exposure…. I’ll have to talk about that another time. Thanks Aeriko for stopping by! Amanda and I love reading your comments! Have a great weekend.

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