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Friday Coffee & Bookish Speaks – Friday Coffee

Today ” I am drinking a fresh roasted coffee topped with heavy whipping cream. I am cutting down on sugar thus the heavy cream more fat, less sugar.

It just occurred to me that I don’t think I have ever explained to you lovely readers why I do the Friday Coffee. I was first inspired by a post I saw called If we were having coffee. I wish I could reference who that was if I see it again I will update the post. I thought what a lovely thought. There are many of you I would love to enjoy a cup of coffee with so I do, at least virtually every week.

Then I correlated the coffee experience with my 12 plus years of being a barista. Friday’s are always busy at the coffee shop because everyone wants to treat themselves for making it through the week. Friday’s were my favorite days to work because I got to see so many people that I didn’t usually see the rest of the week.

My conclusion – Friday and coffee just go together! It’s a time to reward yourself for making it through the week. Spend some time doing a little extra for yourself… like reading a great blog discussion.

What do you do to treat yourself on Fridays?

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