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Friday Coffee & Bookish Speaks – Author Profiles

Hey, ” Everybody! Sorry, it’s been so long. I’m just out of the habit of doing discussions. I have just been doing the bare minimum of blogging lately. I’m coming on my 2 year anniversary and I think I’m just a little burnt out. Regardless… Today I am drinking a hot chocolate to switch things up a bit.

What are you drinking?

I’ve been wanting to address this topic for awhile because as a blogger/writer myself I except professional author profiles. This includes a professional picture. I feel an author’s profile says as much about their writing style as does the cover of the book.

I must confess I don’t always remember to look at the author profile but when I am compiling a post and I see their profile the professional level usual matches the quality of the book.

Things I don’t like to see in an author profile is cutesy pictures. I like professional pictures. Have some dignity¬†people! I also don’t like when the author is not approachable. This means in virtual terms they don’t have their information readily available. I feel an author can be made or broken by their availability on the great internet. I do not like when I have to go hunting for their information. I want my readers to be able to contact the author if they want. I want to expose the author that’s why I do my blog. When the author makes it difficult for me, I’m not happy. I think next week I’ll talk about authors on social media.

For now, I just want authors to be professional. Writer’s are not always taken seriously so I feel like its their duty to adhere to some level of professionalism in their profiles. It sure makes my life easier and I get to do what I love best give the author exposure.

What do you think of Author Profiles?

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