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Friday Coffee and Bookish Speaks – What It’s All About

I ” don’t think I have ever explained what Friday Coffee and Bookish speaks are all about. If you have been keeping up with the blog, you know this segment started as Friday discussions… How very boring… I changed it to Friday Coffee and Bookish speaks because I liked the idea of having coffee with you guys, even if it’s just virtually. Of course we have to talk about bookish things, it’s a book blog!

I was a Barista off and on for thirteen years. One thing (among many) that I noticed is that people loved to treat themselves to a Friday coffee treat (sometimes a pastry too!). If you are going to treat yourself to a scrumptious triple-shot mocha today’s the day to indulge.  After seeing a blog post called “If we were having coffee.” I put two and two together and came up with this theme.

I would love to be really sitting with you right now over a cup of coffee. I drink house coffee with a bit of cream, in case you were wondering.I often joke that the two most consistent things in my life are coffee and Jesus… Ha Ha! I’m not saying those things are equal or even related! Just I would have to say if I pinpointed two consistencies it would be that. So naturally, I have to do a coffee inspired meme. It’s in my blood. Seriously, I think if you nicked a vein I would bleed coffee.

A third consistency that I’ve had in my life but I talk about much less (until now) is reading and writing. So it’s fitting that I would somehow make these all work together. Don’t worry peeps I’m not the bible thumping type… Which is a topic for another day writing from religous framework vs. religous propaganda. Just trust me that it all works together. I hope you enjoy these discussions as much as I do. I look forward to having coffee with you… every week!

If we were having coffee right now what would you be drinking?

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