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ARC Review – The Billionare’s Forever Family by Cate Cameron

ARC Review – The Billionare’s Forever Family by Cate CameronThe Billionaire's Forever Family by Cate Cameron
Published by Entangled: Indulgence on December 4th 2017
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 260

I received this book for free from Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


When Cassie Frost reaches out to the biological father of the niece she’s raising, she doesn’t expect him to send in the lawyers. Emily is all the family Cassie has left, and she’ll do whatever it takes to keep her niece. But as the owner of a struggling dinner going up against a billionaire, the odds aren’t in Cassie’s favor.

When billionaire Will Connelly learns he has a daughter, he’s determined to have a place in her life—even if that means going head-to-head with her proud, stubborn, and irresistible aunt. It’s clear they both want what’s best for Emily, but Will’s not used to being told he’s wrong, and Cassie doesn’t seem to have a problem letting him know whenever she thinks he’s messing up.

Will’s sure they can have it all, even if Cassie is determined to stand on her own two feet instead of being swept off them.

Cassidy Frost reaches out to Will Connelly who she suspects is the father of her niece. Will responds with a team of lawyers. They decide to work together for whats best for her niece. Cassidy is very stubborn and is not afraid to stand up to Will. Will is not used to being told no he finds it irresistible coming from her. He starts falling for her and Cassidy is resistant. Will try to convince her that they can have it all. She is not so sure.

In ” an Oyster Shell – It’s a really intriguing romance that kept me engaged.

The Pearls – I loved the concept of this story. I like well-done billionaire stories they are just fun. This one was unique because it involved a teenage daughter. I suspect there was a bit of an age difference between the two main characters and I like that.

The characters were distinctive. I liked Will as a character for being so rich he was really down to earth. He was a great father figure to his daughter. He really won me over.

The romance was sweet and I was glad that there was an irresistible proposition. There was a lot of tug an pull with a satisfying ending.

The Sand –  It was not a clean romance. I didn’t like Cassidy she was a little over the top in her reactions. Overly unreasonable.

3.5 Pearls

3.5 Stars

About Cate Cameron

Cate Cameron grew up in the city but moved to the country in her mid-twenties and isn’t looking back. Most of her writing deals with people living and loving in small towns or right out in the sticks – when there aren’t entertainment options on every corner, other people get a lot more interesting!

She likes to write stories about real people struggling with real issues. YA, NA, or contemporary romance, her books are connected by their emphasis on subtle humor and characters who are trying to do the right thing, even when it would be a lot easier to do something wrong.

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