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ARC Review – Spindle by Shonna Slayton

ARC Review – Spindle by  Shonna SlaytonSpindle by Shonna Slayton
on October 4th 2016
Genres: YA, Retelling
Pages: 400
Source: Publisher

I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


Set during the Industrial Revolution, Sleeping Beauty's happily ever after isn't the end of the story...
In a world where fairies lurk and curses linger, love can bleed like the prick of a finger.
Briar Rose knows her life will never be a fairy tale. She’s raising her siblings on her own, her wages at the spinning mill have been cut, and the boy she thought she had a future with has eyes for someone else. Most days it feels like her best friend, Henry Prince, is the only one in her corner…though with his endless flirty jokes, how can she ever take him seriously?
When a mysterious peddler offers her a “magic” spindle that could make her more money, sneaking it into the mill seems worth the risk. But then one by one, her fellow spinner girls come down with the mysterious sleeping sickness—and Briar’s not immune.
If Briar wants to save the girls—and herself—she’ll have to start believing in fairy tales…and in the power of a prince’s kiss.

Briar rose is working hard to make ends meet so that she can keep her three siblings out of the orphanage. An opportunity arises that she can use a magic spindle to make her work go faster at the mill. She takes the chance and girls in the mill start getting sick. Briar is sucked into the reality that fairies are real and she’s right in the middle of their tale that started along ago with Aurora also known has sleeping beauty.

In ” An Oyster Shell – This book was phenomenal.

The Pearls – Historical Fairytales? Who ever heard of such a thing. That’s what this author writes. She’s written two others that I am going to have to check out Cinderella’s Dress and  Cinderella’s shoes. Spindle was written in 1890 during the industrial revolution. I loved it. I am not usually a historical fan but you blend it with fairytale and it really works. I enjoyed it immensely. So I am looking forward to reading her other books.

As part of being set in the Industrial Revolution. There was a lot a talk about woman’s suffrage and prohibition. It was cool to experience those things in fiction. The reader gets to see the struggles of the characters especially the women who didn’t have a lot of rights. It touched on the reality back then that a husband had control over everything voting, the rights to the children. A very different world from what we know. I learned a lot.

The retelling part was great. I love how the author took roots of the original tale and carried it out through the generations. She really made it her own story but it reflected sleeping beauty most magnificently.

The romance was sweet. I liked how she had her eyes on someone but couldn’t see what was right in front of her. The romance was unexpected for the character though as the reader you get to see bits of it along the way.

The Sand – It was perfect.

5 pearls!

5 Stars

About Shonna Slayton

SHONNA SLAYTON writes historical fairy tales for Entangled TEEN. Cinderella’s Dress and Cinderella’s Shoes, set in the 1940s are out now. Spindle, a Sleeping Beauty inspired tale set in the late 1800s, will be out October 2016.

She finds inspiration in reading vintage diaries written by teens, who despite using different slang, sound a lot like teenagers today. When not writing, Shonna enjoys amaretto lattes and spending time with her husband and children in Arizona.

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