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Sunday Post – August 23, 2015



The ” Sunday Post is a weekly news post of what’s been going on in the last week and what is coming up. Thanks to Kimbra @Caffienated Reviewer for hosting.

I discovered a new-to-me band this week. To Be Juliet’s Secret. You should check them out.


This week in review –


This week on tour –

Guardians of the Heart Banner Finale

Other notable things –

Jennifer Peel got a well-deserved raving review from me for her Professional Boundaries. In return, she offered me the rest of her books for review.  I spent the weekend reading them. Left me –

I officially declare Jennifer Peel the queen of swoon-worthy reads! I love reviewing books for authors! Especially super talented writers like her!

Question of the Week – 

The start of school is coming up. I love this time of year! For me it’s like a new year, a time to settle in for cold weather, and structured schedules. When I was in school preparation was so fun. Whether it was planning my wardrobe for the coming year, planning class schedule, or getting supplies.  I would say my favorite part of getting ready for school was goal-setting. I loved making resolutions for the coming year, that only lasted a few weeks.

So what is (was) your favorite part of getting ready for the coming school year?

Have a great week!

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