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Review – Wedding Day Erin Bevan

Review – Wedding Day Erin BevanWedding Day by Erin Bevan
Published by Soul Mate Publishing on April 13th 2016
Pages: 236
Source: Author

Famous Bull Rider Dallas Day met Cassie Bailey briefly in high school, but her plain looks and quiet personality left no lasting impression on him. Cassie, however, couldn’t say the same about Dallas.

Their paths cross again ten years later when Dallas is home recovering from an injury, and Cassie is the only veterinarian who volunteers her services at the home-town rodeo. She’s jump-starting her new practice, and every eligible man within a ten-mile radius is trying to land a date with the attractive vet.

Dallas’ older brother bets him that, even with all his charm and fame, Dallas can’t land a date with the reserved lady vet. Not one to turn down a challenge, Dallas makes it his mission to win a date with Cassie. After seeing her, he realizes they’ve met before, but he doesn’t remember her being so pretty. His persistence pays off, but when Cassie finds out about the bet, their new love is put to the test.

Determined to win her back, Dallas meets his biggest challenge yet: saving her life when a casual admirer turns into a deadly stalker.

Cassie Bailey is settling down to be the towns new vet. Dallas Day is home to recover from a bull riding injury. Dallas’s brother makes a bet with him that he won’t be able to land a date with the lovely new vet. Dallas, not one to back down from a challenge does his best. Little does he remember that she was the shy one in high school. Cassie is weary to get her heart broken by Dallas whom she has had a crush on since high school. He paid little attention to her then and she doesn’t trust the attention he’s given them now. Will Dallas be able to convince her to go out with him?

In ” an Oystery Shell –  It was a well-crafted really sweet story that puts this author’s other books straight on my TBR.

The Pearls – I met this author at a conference and she was really sweet. I was really happy when I was able to see her personality come out in this well-written story. It was sweet and clean my favorite kind of romance.

The characters were well developed and easy to follow. I thought Dallas was a fun character he was very confident and it was fun to see him try to win over Cassie. Cassie was sweet with a bit of sass. Her daughter was a fun addition and had a moving backstory.

The romance was sweet. I liked that Dallas really had to work to get Cassie’s attention. It was fun that Cassie had a boyfriend at the beginning of the story which threw a wrench into Dallas’s plan.

I liked that this story had some suspense woven into it. It kept me on the edge of my seat.

The Sand – This was a good story.


4 Stars

About Erin Bevan

I’m a wife, mother slash little bit of writer on the side. I spend most of my days shuffling three kids around, rocking our newest screaming addition to the family, cleaning the house and writing whenever I get the opportunity.

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