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Review – Even the Moon Has Scars by Steph Campbell

Review – Even the Moon Has Scars by Steph CampbellEven the Moon Has Scars by Steph Campbell
on October 28, 2014
Genres: YA
Pages: 252
Format: Kindle
Source: Purchased Amazon

Two strangers. Two broken hearts. One night to set each other free.
Almost dying from an undiagnosed heart condition means every second of your life is a precious gift to be guarded. Lena Pettitt was born a miracle. And her parents never let her forget it. Even if that daily reminder kept her from experiencing the one thing they were trying to protect most--her life.
Gabriel Martinez’s heart has been ripped out. His pride has been stomped on. Oh, and he now has an arrest record that’s caused an even bigger rift between him and his DA mother. All for a love that wasn’t really true.
Now he’s exiled to his grandmother’s, working on his late grandpa’s old Corvair, when a shivering girl knocks on the garage door. Lena, left alone for the first time ever, has locked herself out of her house. Gabe knows he could help this girl get back inside her house--but that may mean missing the next train to Boston to pick up the part he’s spent eight weeks tracking down. She can wait for him at his grandmother’s or…
A few hours, an aluminum valve cover, and some strong coffee later, neither Gabe nor Lena can feign disappointment when they race to the station and arrive just as the last train home from Boston is pulling out.
As jaded as he is, Gabe can’t deny the fact that he’s excited to spend the night exploring a city he knows nearly every corner of, with a girl who sees magic in the simplest things.
Lena has been waiting for her tiny world to crack open her entire life. Now that it’s finally happened, she finds the only thing she can focus on is the unexpected tour guide who opens her eyes to possibilities she never imagined.
All they have is this one night, together, under the bright moon in a city full of hidden beauty. It’s one night that will change how they see the world and the paths their hearts will take forever.

In ” an Oyster Shell – I was really looking forward to reading this book because the title is so beautiful and I was not disappointed. It’s one of the best books I have ever read.

The Pearls – The title of the book and it’s gorgeous cover are what made this a must read for me. It’s been in my TBR pile for a while and I was glad I could finally get to it. This book is a work of art from cover, beginning, to end.

It’s poetic. The writing style was magnificent. There was great word choice. Sentance compositions were elegant. The writing overall was just exquisite.

The two main characters had a beautiful contrast to each other. There were also similarities to the characters that you find out more towards the end. Taking two characters and the comparison that makes the end is just breath -taking.

I cannot recommend this book enough! It will be up for a giveaway soon.

The Sand – There was some rough language that I don’t like to see in YA’s. There was a sentence or two that was so complex it wasn’t easy to understand. I had to read them a few times and still didn’t get it.

This book is a work of art! 5 pearls


5 Stars

About Steph Campbell

Steph Campbell grew up in Southern California, moved to the Bayou State for a decade and most recently resides in the Northeast. She has one husband, four children and a serious nail polish obsession. When she’s not writing or taking care of her brood, she’s reading or scouring travel sites, always ready for life’s next adventure.

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