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Review – Burning Resolution by T.M. Cromer

Review – Burning Resolution by T.M. CromerBurning Resolution by T.M. Cromer
on April 23, 2016
Genres: Romance, Suspense
Pages: 308
Source: Author

I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


Armed with a New Year’s resolution and a surly attitude toward physical fitness, Erica Sutton hires a personal trainer to whip her pudgy self into shape. What she hadn’t bargained for was Zack Sharp - the owner of Workout World - assigning himself to be her workout nazi.

An obsessed ex-lover of Zack’s notices the attention he is paying Erica and sets out to remove the competition by any means possible.

Now, Erica and Zack are holed up, debating the merits of donuts, sex, and love while their crazy stalker sets out to light their world, quite literally, on fire. It’s a race against time to find their assailant before the relationship they’ve started to build is burnt to the ground.

Erica Sutton is determined to get in shape though she abhors exercising. New Year’s day she goes to Workout World that is run by her old high school crush Zack Sharp. He ends up being her personal trainer and wants to spend time with her. A stalker he didn’t know that he had started attacking Erica and burns her house down. Until they figure out whats going on Erica stays with Zack were the flames of the stalker is not the only thing heating up. It’s an uphill battle to get Erica healthy while keeping her safe from the stalker’s clutches.

In ” an Oyster Shell – It had some pacing issues and technical flaws but had an overall good storyline and lovable characters that made for a good story.

The Pearls – My favorite part of this book was that Erica was a writer. As a growing author myself, I felt like the writer put some valuable nuggets about writing that I could glean from. I love the irony when an author writes about a writer. It’s fun and you have to wonder how much of it is a little bit of a caricature of their own life.

The suspense was good. The action was fairly constant. I liked that even though the world was literally burning around them they have a good chance to build a relationship with Zack and his son. The conflict didn’t stop the relationship building. If anything it made it stronger.

The romance was steamy. Zack and Erica made for a fun couple. Even though Zack was a trainer he was fair in how he dealt with Erica. I loved his open acceptance of her that made for a loving relationship.

The Sand – The pacing was really off.

3.5 Pearls!


3.5 Stars

About T.M. Cromer

Job titles she currently holds: Author, Professional Waster-of-Time, Hammock Mounting Safety Instructor, Margarita Mixologist, and Spoiler of Dogs.

On a serious note: Until now, “a jack of all trades, master of none” best described T.M. Yet, through all her career changes, her husband has been a SAINT. He would always gently encourage T.M. to return to her real love – writing. She’s always felt it is important to be true to yourself, and to feed your soul. So, here she goes on this wonderful new adventure. She hopes you’ll join her.

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