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October of Books Giveaway

I am excited to bring to your attention my debut novel that releases on Smashwords on October 4th. It is currently available on Amazon.


He was ready to leave and never look back until she walked in.

Brendon Roth is ready to walk away from his family restaurant, Starlight. His unsettled heart is full of wanderlust, and he is prepared to appease it. The night Brendon is ready to tell his parents he’s leaving, it becomes more apparent that they need him now, more than ever. The walls are closing in on him: he looks to the stars for a way out.

Olivia Price wishes on the first star she sees, that she’ll live up to her mother’s expectations, in the face of a severe illness. Somehow, she has to find a way to get through law school, and deal with Lupus. Desperately wanting a distraction from all the pressure, she answers a want ad for Starlight restaurant. Surely, a restaurant job will be more comfortable, than the demands of her mother and law school.

Strange things start happening to Starlight, after Olivia arrives. Brendon and Olivia work together, to save the Roth’s legacy, from someone determined to take it away. It seems everything they have been looking for, might just be found in each other. It is becoming abundantly clear someone sabotaging Starlight to fail, and keep Olivia and Brendon apart. As they find themselves clinging to the stars– that might just fall– and lose all they have been looking for all along.





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