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New Feature – Off The Shelf!

Welcome to my new feature Off The Shelf –

I am so excited to present this new feature. So excited in fact!

Just ” imagine that’s me dancing. Just like that!

So I live in the Portland-Metro area which means I have easy access to the City of Books otherwise knowns as Powells. A whole city block stories high of books!!! It’s a real thing, a book-nerd dream!

So I was perusing the YA section and found a book that found my interest that I had never heard of and was used. I thought what a great idea! *Self-Five* What if once a month I just chose a random book off the shelf. It has to be something I have only seen on the shelf. Thus… Off The shelf. Ta Da!

So the first off the shelf book is How to Say Good-Bye in Robot by Natalie Standford


In an Oyster Shell- It was a rhythmic book that had a monotone that was soothing a book I highly recommend.

Full Review coming October! I don’t want to overwhelm you lovelies with too much at once. After this the off the shelf will come with a review. Just enjoy the moment! See you next month, for the next Off The Shelf!

I challenge you to pull a book Off The Shelf next time you are in a bookstore!

Share with me what you come up with.

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