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Mystery Thriller Week Progressive Story

Charlemagne rose and poked a finger at Mack.

“This contract is preposterous! There is no way that he gave his business to you!” Exclaimed Charlemagne.

Watson stepped in between Charlemagne and Mack.

“Now lets everybody calm down,” Watson commanded.

Charlemagne took her seat.

Why would he leave me his estate just to give it to you for a dollar?

We must have the document authenticated. Sherlock said calmly. “This is unbelievable!” Marla spouted.

“Calm down darling. Why would I fake the document Mack insisted.”

“Watson, take the document and compare it with the will”Sherlock commanded.

Watson did as he was told and quietly left the room. The air in the room was palpable with tension. It was quiet. Sherlock cleared his throat.

“So why don’t we start by talking about where you all were the night of the murder.”

Mack shifted uncomfortably in his seat. Charlemagne and Marla both fidgeted with their dresses. Jeeves stood their stoic.

“Ok, Who is going to go first”? Sherlock asked.

Mack spoke up.

“I was taking a walk on the pier after I left the pub.”

“Did anyone see you?” Sherlock asked.

“There were a few people there. I ran into Bill the butcher.” Mack answered.

“The same butcher that is on vacation?”

Mack nodded his head.

“I was on my way to a play”. Marla offered.

“Did you see your brother that night?”

“Yes, I stopped by to see if he wanted to escort me.”

“Did anything strange happen?”

Marla turned a deep shade of red.

“Out with it!” Sherlock insisted.

“I may have stolen the knife from the kitchen that night, but I did not kill my brother! “There was a collective gasp. Sherlock nodded his head.

“Is there anyone that can vouch for you”

“The ticket collector at the play.”

“Do you know his name?”

“No,” Marla admitted.

Sherlock paced the room with his hands behind his back.


“I was with Jeeves having my evening tea.”

Jeeves nodded with agreement.

So Jeeves is the only one that can vouch for your whereabouts?

Charlemagne nodded.

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