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Friday Let’s Talk – Reading on the Cheap



This ” topic is about cutting your reading costs, specifically digital books. The reason it’s gotten so expensive is because the bigger publishing companies found a way to weasel their way in a jack the prices back up. I get a little riled about it. I will try to keep it clean, but there are no promises. You have been properly warned.

The greedy money mongrels we affectionately call the big 5 Irk me… They just couldn’t leave the indie writers in peace with the digital market. I may touch more on this another day. Remember this the first time I sign up with one. It’s not really in the plans but Never say never! If 50 shades of Grey can get a publishing deal… It’s all up from there!

Reading has gotten so expensive. It’s a healthy hobby to have, but crap! It’s getting so ridiculous! Do you remember the good old days. (Just a couple years ago) When digital books were about 2.99 or 4.99 if it was a big name author. There were quite a few books for a mere .99. It was glorious I would say my book budget was under 20$ a month. Long gone are those days! I would like to note that just because the prices have gone up does not mean the quality that has followed suit. How aggravating!

I talk about my feelings of book pricing in this post here.

So I am going to turn my ranting into something positive for you. How to read on the cheap! I have a couple of suggestions:

Subscribe to Book Bub or Book Gorilla. These email subscriptions always have the beat on the greatest book deals on Amazon.

Bookbub| Book Gorilla

I have gotten many books for free from these subscriptions.

Stalk Book Blogs for giveaways I am subscribed to a couple hundred book blogs via BlogLovin. There are always giveaways going on! I would check out the Saturday Situation Hosted by Candace Book Blogs where there is a whole list of different blogs giveaways. She does it every week! I win at least a book a week. It’s not all digital. I get free copies of books straight from the publisher.  Score!

I win at least a book a week. It’s not all digital. I get free copies of books straight from the publisher! Score!

This last piece of advice is only for the truly devoted readers that may borderline on needing treatment addiction. I read 5-8 books a week, with today’s prices that equate to 50-80 dollars a week times four!?!?!  Look into getting books in exchanges for reviews. It happens people! Like I said this is only for the truly devoted that would read themselves out of house and home. Reviews are like tips for writer’s. Their works thrive or die by  them. It’s a symbiotic relationship. (Well maybe not the dying part)  You get your reader fix, they get the much-needed review. Other readers get the scoop on what to read or not.

Do you have any suggestions for reading on the cheap?


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