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Friday Discussion

Welcome to our the first in our series Friday Discussions. After an exhausting week of book-blogging fun it’s nice to just kick back and have a nice little chat with you our audience on all things book related.

What ” makes us different…

There are so many book blogs out there. While researching how to start a book blog, wondering if I even should, I found an article about why the world does not need another book blog. I could see the author’s point. Seriously no offense to anyone, but if you’re like me, you’ve subscribed to numerous book blogs and they get pretty redundant. With multiple reviewers already discussing the same book, what’s the point of creating a new blog? Because Writing Pearls is different than the average book blog.

We read because we write. We critique because when an author publishes a book they enter our realm of craft and the quality of their work is a reflection on all authors. Publishing is easy and cheap these days, opening the door for a lot of awful books that desperately need to be edited.

On the other hand, brilliant authors with limited resources for marketing have also released their work. So our job, as writer vigilantes, is to warn the world of less than stellar writing and point neon signs toward out-of-this-world reads. We review with the same critical eye we edit our own works with.

Writing is a time-honored craft, and our goal is to respect it by encouraging authors to only release fully-edited, quality stories. Our commitment to you–our readers–is to scour the sand for pearls. We promise not to be just another book blog.


Are you a reader, a writer, or both? What do you hope to see from this shiny new book blog? We’d love to hear from you. Please share your thoughts and questions in the comments.

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