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Friday Coffee & Bookish Speaks – Why I don’t do audiobooks

I’m ” drinking a fresh roasted coffee with cream. I think today I’ll have two!

What are you drinking?

So this is ironic that I am writing this post today. I just received an audiobook from a giveaway I entered. Do you ever win stuff that you don’t remember signing up for?

So as a general rule I don’t do audiobooks. I can hardly sit still to watch a 40-minute tv show. Listening to an audiobook is not my preferred way of reading. I have a super flexible schedule and hardly have the opportunity to sit and listen to an audiobook.

I understand they can be really convenient for commutes and for other activities where you want to be hands-free. I hardly ever have the need to be hands-free. The only way I will do audiobooks is if I win them. Which I don’t enter to win very often. I won one and listened to it while I was sewing. That was a unique occasion.

Another reason I don’t like audiobooks is I feel as if narration could throw off the writer’s voice if you will. I want to hear what the writer is saying through the written word not some narrators interpretation of the tone.

I am sure if I had a long commute or had big projects like that sewing project I was doing, I would be more inclined to listen to audiobooks. With this newest audiobook, I think I will listen to it on my 3-hour drive to my mom’s house.

Audiobooks have their place but I would prefer to read.

What are your thoughts on audiobooks?

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