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Friday Coffee & Bookish Speaks – To New Traditons

I’m ” switching my coffee drink up a bit this morning and drinking it with some vanilla creamer my mom left after her visit.

What are you drinking this morning?

Anybody that knows me, knows I love the holiday season. I love all the parties and the family gatherings. Most of all, I love traditions. Some of our family traditions include, cute socks in my stocking, picking a Christmas present theme, and have prime rib for Christmas dinner. That’s just to name a few.

In case you are wondering this year’s theme for our family is pick your own theme. I picked the theme Christmas Pasts by recreating some of mine and my husbands favorite childhood Christmas memories. I  can’t tell you what they are, but I can tell you it will be really fun.

Enough with old, let’s talk about the new traditions! This year is the first year I’ve had a book blog, and with it has come some new holiday traditions. They include blog swaps, Secret Santa, giveaways and holiday read-a-thons. I am beyond excited to have new traditions to celebrate the season with. Just another one of the million reasons I love running a book blog.

Books open your world anyways, but running a book blog expands that even more. It’s so fun to do! That’s my shameless plugs for book blogs. If you are an avid reader/aspiring writer, you should have your own book blog. Next year (next month!?!?!?!) I will run a discussion series on how to start your own blog.

What are some of your favorite holiday traditions new or old?

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