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Friday Coffee & Bookish Speaks – The proverbial blog slump

Hey, ” Everyone! I am sorry I have been so scarce this month! I got so overloaded with life and other various things. I am back. Today I am drinking fresh roasted Papua New Guinea with cream. What are you drinking?

So when I first started blogging I read everything I could on the subject matter. I came across several articles on how not to get burnt out. I read other articles where blogging slumps were inevitable. It took me over a year of blogging to hit it but people I hit the wall. Like a smart car to a stack of bricks!

I would say the number one cause of the slump was taking on too much. I was doing a blog tour a week and two reviews and then took on some professional review jobs. It was more than I could keep up with. That is what caused my burn out taking on too much. This is my MO in life usually I take more than I can handle then scale back.

Another thing I learned is what was realistic for one season of your life might not be for another. Reading 4-8 books a week worked for me when I started the blog but now I have other things going on. So my advice would be this 1 – try not to take on too much. 2 – Be flexible!!! Don’t give up on the whole enchilada just because you missed a post or three!

So this post today is not so much about how to avoid a slump but how to deal with them. With all the blogs I follow I have not seen one that hasn’t hit this proverbial wall at one point or another.

How do you suggest dealing with slumps?

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