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Friday Coffee & Bookish Speaks – Sexy and Clean

Woo ” Hoo! Valentines is just a couple of days away! I am celebrating with a cupid truffle mocha which is essentially a raspberry mocha. What are you drinking?

I didn’t plan on having a romantic topic this week but it works out that’s what’s going to happen. I don’t plan my discussions I just go with what inspires me any given week. I just got done reading Beyond the Stars by Stacy Wise and I was most appreciative that the book was super sexy without being graphic. That’s what I like to see in romance books.

Sexy is almost tangible creative. Graphic sex scenes to me are just dull and redundant. There are only so many ways a sex scene can go. What I like least about it is it takes away the imagination. I think sex scenes that are implied over being spelled out are much more preferable.

Inspired by the guest post from Barbra Wallace I would like to say that Harlequin and Entangled publishing are really good at categorizing their books into the level of sexiness you are comfortable. Check out Barbra’s post here.

I don’t feel like there are too many writers that strike the balance of sexy and clean. One that I really like is Jennifer Peel you can check in my review archive for her books. She’s the master at sexy and clean! Which I find more enjoyable…


How do you like your romances?


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