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Friday Coffee & Bookish Speaks – Reading and Daydreams

What are you drinking today? I am just having a simple house coffee with cream. I’m behaving today.

I have been wondering does being an avid reader induce you to be a big daydreamer. Can the two be separated? For me they cannot. I read a lot and I daydream a lot. My head is always stuck in a story of some kind. Whether it’s a story of my creation  or another’s.

I am super curious if you are book nerd do you have an active daydreaming life? I would like to know if these things go together with other people as well. I’m looking for normalcy! I can tell by some other blog names like My ” Friends are Fiction that I am not alone in this beautiful dichotomy.

I’ve heard it said that a person that reads will live many lives and I read a lot but my  imagination doesn’t stop at the closing of the cover.  Does yours?

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