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Friday Coffee & Bookish Speaks – Rainy Day Reading

I ” was woken up this morning with a fresh-brewed coffee topped with cream from the coffee shop by my hubby. Best way to wake up is to a large coffee and a beautiful husband!

What are you drinking today?

We had a few hot days this week in the North West. I hate hot weather. I grew up in Alaska and 70 will always be my perfect “hot” temperature. Anything above that is hell. Here we get a few hot days and over the last couple of years we have gotten more than normal, I just can hardly function. So we got a reprieve the last couple days in weather, even getting rain yesterday. It was perfect.

There is something comforting and calming to me about a grey rainy day, especially after a few scorchers. Yesterday was such a day it was grey and drizzly. I had the windows open and the air smelled clean and I decided that the only thing better would to get in some cozy clothes and read a book.¬†Yesterday, that’s all I wanted to do is read while listening to the rain fall.

I thank I might be having a lifelong love affair with reading. Reading on rainy days just feels romantic.

How do you feel about reading on rainy days?

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