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Friday Coffee & Bookish Speaks – Just for me reads

Hi, ” everyone! It’s been a long time. I’m not doing these as often as I used to. They will still be sporadic going forward but once in awhile, I’ll drop a discussion.

Today I am drinking fresh roasted Papua New Guinea with cream what are you drinking?

I’ve been doing the blog for two years now and I’ve noticed that my reading schedule is quite regimented. My reading schedule is based on books that I do for a review. Those commitments can come from NetGalley, blog tour companies, or author themselves. Running a blog I commit to reading a lot of books. Not all of those books are ones that I particularly would read for fun.

I find myself obligated to read but not always excited to read them. I want to help authors out so I stretch my comfort zone and read books I wouldn’t normally read. Doing this has made me realize the books that I really love to read. I have learned what my just for me reads are.

I love to read light-hearted chick lit. Those are my ultimate favorite. I find myself making more time for books like this. I do this because life is short and you don’t want to waste your time on books that drag you down. I find that I am getting more picky with what I choose to read. I am more drawn to the just for me reads.

It really comes down to balance. I need to balance pleasure reading with commitment reading. This is a lesson I have learned in two years of book blogging.

How do you balance pleasure reading with committed reading?


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