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Friday Coffee & Bookish Speaks – Building your Social Media Following

This week I’m switching to tea while I am on a juice fast. I am drinking Red Lavender tea. It’s so yummy!

What are you drinking?

Last week I talked about tips for building your book blog. I said I would talk this week on building your social  media, so here we go!

I fell like building social media was very simple though took some investment of time and money.

The biggest builder of my social media numbers is doing giveaways. Doing giveaways and having people follow you via social media is my biggest builder of numbers.  I usually do giveaways with Bookhounds. Go check her out and look under her giveaway tab.

The next way to building your following is to just simply follow other people. More often than not people are likely to follow you back.

The last thing I am going to say about social media is tag authors whenever possible. Don’t be spammers or stalkers, but if you have written a review for an author’s book tag them on twitter or wherever else possible. They usually love it. I recommend doing this especially if it is a raving review. My policy is to tag any author that I give a 5 pearls to.

That’s my simple advice for social media do giveaways, follow other people, tag authors.

How do you build your social media?

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