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Friday Coffee & Bookish Speaks Author Photos

Welcome ” to the last Friday in January. Where does the time go? I am falling back into familiar habits with a frosted mint mocha! So good.

Today I want to talk about Author Photos. They say don’t judge a book by its cover but there is some merit to that. Even more so author photos. The care taken in images for a book often points to the care given to the content. Authors if you are reading this taking pictures off your laptop at the coffee shop with your headphones plugged in, not cute. I think it shows a like of pride for one’s self, for the industry, and the reader.

It really boils down to one-word professionalism. While I am on the topic I just saw Jennifer Peel’s latest author pic, professional and classy just like her books. As an author you only have a few precious moments to grab a reader, publisher, or agent. Make every second count. From cover to blurbs to the author photo… be professional.

I just recently was reading a book that I DNF and sure enough, the author photo matched the content, arrogant and crappy. I often forget to check the author photo, but without fail the author photo will reflect the care taken with the whole book.

Do you look at author photos? What do they tell you about a book?

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