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Friday Coffee & Bookish Speaks – Age appropriate behavior

I’ll ” be double fisting it today with fresh roasted coffee! I was up late with a friend who got some really bad news. Sleep deprivation is totally worth it when it comes to your bestie.

I have talked about this subject somewhat when it comes to sexual interactions and YA books.  It’s very inappropriate to me. I was reading another YA book this week and it had a bit of cussing in it. I thought to myself maybe I am just a prude, because I know I cussed as a teenager, but I wouldn’t want my parents to know about it.

As you get older, things change when I was sixteen – thirty-three was old. I am going to be thirty-four in a few weeks now sixteen year olds seems like they are just babies. It doesn’t seem right for foul language to be coming out of their mouths. Though rest assured, being Alaskan grown I could put a sailor to shame.

There are two points I am making. I think it is more like one point and a question. The point your perspective changes as you get older, and behavior that was acceptable to you at a certain age, doesn’t necessarily apply to that same age when you get older. The question is what is age appropriate behaviors for teenagers? How should that be depicted in YA?

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