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Friday Coffee and Bookish Speaks – Leaving a Legacy

We are continuing to honor A.M. Willard this week as promised. See the first post here for details.

If you’ve been keeping up all week you will be aware that I’ve been paying tribute to A.M. Willard. In doing this I’ve been starkly reminded of what fuels the passion here at writing pearls.

I am always about supporting other Authors if it is in my capacity to do so. Never would I think of supporting an Author who left behind a family in an untimely death. I felt lead to do this, this week and I am so glad I did.

It’s had me reflecting deeply on the reality that none of us are leaving this world alive. Some of us are given more time than others. It’s struck a chord with me when I take my last breath will I be satisfied with what is left behind? Was A.M. Willard?

I can’t help but wonder how many more books she had to write, how many more do I have to write? Will they make a difference when we are gone? I have done all that is in my power that Willard will be remembered for as long as there is the internet.

They say we come into this world with nothing we leave with nothing. I don’t believe that we come with nothing but we leave with our stories. If you are a writer you’ve left that to be discovered in the works you leave behind. Death has a way of reminding us how mortal we really are.

With deep condolences, my prayers and support continue to be with the Willard family.

If you would like to help the family with the unexpected funeral expenses go here. 

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