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Booking into Spring Mini Challenge # 1

So the lovely ladies over at Novel Ink, are hosting today’s Readathon Challenge. I know most you don’t know me very well yet… but I am super competitive… I love a good challenge! This readathon is proving to be very fun, because hello it’s reading,  and it’s just an added bonus that I get to do the challenges.

Today’s challenge is Scattegories.

Here are the Rules

For those of you who have played Scattergories ” before (if you’re a board game addict like me, you probably have) it’s a game where a certain letter is ‘rolled’ or chosen and that will be the letter used for ‘Round 1.’ I will be holding two different rounds so we can use a different letter. After the letter is chosen, you guys will have different categories. Each category will be book-related and you guys will start the word with the letter chosen.

Round 1 L –

Contemporary/Romance Novel: Love Story



A Book You Never Wanted to End: Liberty’s Hope (Written by Writing Pearls Reviewer Amanda Washington!)


A Book with a Blue Cover: Little House on the Prarie (It’s not all blue, but I have a very special place in my heart for this book, it ignited my love for reading.


A Book on Your TBR: Love Lucy


A Book That Made You Cry: Life of Pi I am girly in every way but crying at books and movies is not usual for me but this one is an exception.


Round 2

A Favorite Dystopian Read: Brave New World


A Book with a Heart on it: This one was hard so I had to get creative.

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A Book Cover You Love: Blueprints for Building a Better Girl

8711905 (1)

A Book Everyone Loved, but You Didn’t: Black Beauty


A Book Your Friend Wants You to Read: Blue Bloods


Wow! That was a difficult challenge! Thanks Erica!

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