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ARC Review – A Crime of Passion Fruit by Ellie Alexander

ARC Review – A Crime of Passion Fruit by Ellie AlexanderA Crime of Passion Fruit by Ellie Alexander
Published by St. Martin's Paperbacks on June 27th 2017
Genres: Cozy Mystery
Pages: 320
Source: Netgalley

I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


Torte--everybody's favorite small-town family bakeshop--is headed for the high seas, where murder is about to make a splash. . .
Jules Capshaw is trying to keep her cool as Torte gets set to make its transformation from quaint, local confectionary cafe to royal pastry palace. Meanwhile, Jules's estranged husband Carlos is making a desperate plea for her to come aboard his cruise ship and dazzle everyone with her signature sweets. She may be skeptical about returning to her former nautical life with Carlos but Jules can't resist an all-expense-paid trip, either. If only she knew that a dead body would find its way onto the itinerary . .
"A warm and inviting atmosphere, friendly and likable main characters, and a nasty murder mystery to solve!" --Fresh Fiction Now, instead of enjoying tropical drinks on deck between whipping up batches of sea-salted chocolates and flambeing fresh pineapple slices in the kitchen, Jules is plunged into dangerous waters. Her investigation leaves her with more questions than answers: Why can't anyone on board identify the young woman? And how can she help Carlos keep passengers at ease with a killer in their midst? Jules feels like she's ready to jump ship. Can she solve this case without getting in too deep?"A perfect mix for fans of Jenn McKinlay, Leslie Budewitz, or Jessica Beck." --Library Journal

Jules is back in this bakeshop mysteries. She is called upon by her estranged husband to go back to the cruise ship to fill in for the pastry chef. He includes an all-paid trip for her mom and her beau the professor so Jules agrees. Everything is going great until Jule’s finds a body on board. No one seems to know who she is. Jules is plunged into another mystery. While making pastries for the ship Jules sets out to find out who the girl is and who killed her.

In ” an Oyster Shell – Another great installment of the series and is even a nice change of pace being set on a cruise ship.

The Pearls – I really liked this book in the series. It was a nice change of pace to be set on a cruise ship. Made me want to take a cruise. The descriptions of the boat and the food made you feel like you were there. It made me want to be there. The author really knew what she was talking about. You can tell she does her homework.

The mystery was intriguing. I felt like this was more of a stumper than in other books. They didn’t even know who the girl was for part of the investigation. Usually, they know the victim but not this time. Jules had a lot more to figure out and made for a more interesting read.

You can’t talk about these books and not talk about the romance. Carlos wants Jules back and spent her time on the ship showing her that. Jules knows her heart is in Ashland and she doesn’t know if Carlos would be happy there. Of course, Thomas is back on land worrying about Jules.  It’s still a mystery who Jules will end up with. There is another part to the romance and that’s between her mom and the professor. You don’t want to miss what happens in this book!

The Sand – It’s a well-rounded good book.

4.5 Stars

About Ellie Alexander

Ellie Alexander, author of the Bakeshop Mystery Series (St. Martin’s Press), is a Pacific Northwest native who spends ample time testing pastry recipes in her home kitchen or at one of the many famed coffeehouses nearby. When she’s not coated in flour, you’ll find her outside exploring hiking trails and trying to burn off calories consumed in the name of research. Find out more about Ellie and her books by visiting her blog at

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