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About Writing Pearls

I  seek to discover well-formed stories and share them with you.

Here at Writing Pearls I am passionate about quality writing! I am in pursuit of great story-telling told with excellent craft. In a world where book publishing has become more accessible, it has become more important to have reviews that help separate the wheat from the chaff so to speak. The reading world needs a checks and balances to promote the books that stand above all the rest. Let’s face it there are so many of them! It’s a big job someone’s got to do it and I am happy to.

What’s a Writing Pearl?

Before we get in the specifics of writing pearls, let’s talk about pearls for a second. They are beautiful, aren’t they? Would you be as surprised pearls begin as an irritation of debris in an oyster? It is caused by leftover food or some other junk like sand. Not a glamorous beginning. Very ironic that one of the most gorgeous things in this world at the core is provoked by junk. I think this is a great metaphor for the writing process. An idea for a story starts as a speck irritating the writer till they take that idea into the writing process and develop the pearls we get to read.

I Rate on a 5 Pearl system

5 Rare and Perfect

4 Beautiful

3 Okay

2 Did not like it

1 Did not finish


About the Reviewer-



I am a life-long reader who is always on the hunt for a quality book. I have published The Wake of 30 in my crazy poetry days. I am now working on my debut novel set to come out sometime next year. I work for SprkIt as a professional reviewer.