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Author: Mary Chris Escobar
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: December 30, 2012
Source: Chic-Lit Plus 






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About the Book – 

This contemporary romance is Groundhog Day meets My Best Friend’s Wedding. Readers who like women’s fiction by Meg Cabot, Emily Giffin and Allison Winn Scotch will enjoy this romantic comedy.

Kate is alarmed to find out that her best friend Amy is getting married after dating for only six months. Her alarm turns to shock when she learns that the groom-to-be is Kate’s old college ex. As the big day approaches, Kate’s inability to hide her feelings is threatening to ruin her friendship with Amy.

Kate’s last minute, vodka-fueled wedding toast has her wishing she could turn back the clock and make things right. Imagine her surprise when she wakes up the next day and finds out she can.

Forced to relive one of the most painful weeks of her life, Kate slowly works to repair the damage she has done. In the process, she learns a lot about herself and the cynically charming best man, Ben.

Excerpt – 

The screen on my phone lit up. I had silenced it before I went to bed. It was a text message from Ben. Did you get the squash yet? I smiled and clicked on the message to reply, then changed my mind and called instead.

“Hello,” he answered. There was a little gravel in his voice. It was nice.

“Just wanted you to know that there is a whole basket full of squash and salsa and spaghetti sauce in the trunk of my car.”

“You didn’t mention the salsa and spaghetti sauce the other night. I mean that’s a total game changer, I wouldn’t have even given you a hard time for blowing me off over that.” I could hear him smiling, which made tingles run the length of my spine.

“So what are you up to?” I asked.

“I was actually cutting out tiny people to glue onto this model I’m working on.”

“Like stick people?”

“No, tiny photographs of actual people.”

“Really. Where do you find something like that? Is it like clip art?”

He laughed. “Sort of. There are actually whole websites where you can download them for architectural purposes.”

“What are they wearing?”

“Um … are you trying to chat up my tiny model people? Because I think I might have to protest on their behalf. I mean they’ve never even met you. . Now if you’re asking me … ”

I hadn’t, of course, meant that at all, but I laughed. And tried desperately to fight back the onslaught of images and feelings the mere hint of intimacy with Ben seemed to produce. Perhaps calling him while I was lying in bed had been unwise.

“I, um … just wanted to make sure they were, you know, not going to embarrass themselves by being out of date … fashionably speaking. That’s all,” I tried to recover.

“Oh, I see. They certainly appreciate the concern.” He was still smiling.

“So, other than an update on the squash situation, and propositioning your tiny model people, any word from Jack?”



“I can call you tomorrow if I hear, though.”

“Yeah, that would be great.”

“So, are you having a good visit with your dad?” he asked.

I hesitated. “Yeah.”

“You don’t sound so sure there.”

I tried to remember if he knew about my mom. I don’t think it had come up this round, but there was the dessert … except that was last round. The combination of tired and tingly all over was making details hard at the present moment, so I just asked, “Did I tell you my mom passed away last year?”

“No. Wow. So I guess it is sort of weird being back there, huh?”


“Have you been back a lot?”

“No. Not much at all, actually.”

“How … I mean was it sudden … if you don’t mind me asking?”

“No. Not sudden. Cancer. And actually thanks for asking, most people are scared to.”

He was quiet, probably not sure what to say. As usual with him, I kept talking. “So my dad is starting to go through things. Wants my help tomorrow. I’m really dreading it.”

“I guess so,” he said sympathetically.

“He’s right. It’s time, and intellectually I know that. It just sucks … you know, emotionally.”


We were quiet again, but it wasn’t awkward. Never awkward.

“I didn’t mean to unload all that on you … I barely know you …”

“No, no … thanks for telling me. Now we won’t have that awkward moment later when I ask about your family.”

“Right, awkward, sort of like how I just asked what your little people were wearing.”

“I’d file that more under adorable, actually. And for the record, seriously, if you ever want to ask what I’m wearing, that would be nice, too.”

“Duly noted.” I smiled.

“So I’ll keep you posted if I hear anything tomorrow. Otherwise, Tuesday night?”

“Sounds good.”

“Good night,” he said.

“Good night.”

I hung up relaxed and sleepy. As I drifted off, I thought for the tiniest of split seconds, that possibly a phone relationship with Ben might not be the worst thing in the world.

Review – 

A copy of this book was received in exchange for an honest review. This did not affect the review in any way.

In An Oyster Shell- This was a surprisingly fun read. I recommend it.

The Pearls –

The description of the book had me sold. I wasn’t too thrilled about the groundhogs day similarity, but My Best-Friend’s Wedding. Is one of my all time favorite movies! So I had to give it a try and it was really good. It really wasn’t too much like My Best-friend’s wedding, but enough that I’ll let them slide with the comparison.

I really fell in love with Kate and her dilemma It was fun to follow her through week after same week, and see her learn a little each time. I like that it almost had a mystery feel to it because she had to figure out what the problem was, to hopefully not repeat the week again. In the end it was a multi-faceted story with a lot of depth. 

The storyline was just really fun; from beginning to end. I like how in the beginning Kate’s super confused and she almost micro-manages the situation. At the end, of the story she’s passing by some things to get to what really mattered. I thought that was really symbolic.

I usually just pick three things I liked about the book as to not overwhelm you my dear readers, but I’m going to indulge in 4 this book. I really liked the romance. I liked how from week to week, you didn’t really know how much Ben and Kate would interact though it always seemed to be pushing them forward to a relationship.

The Sand – The repeating weeks was a little too much for me in the end. If she repeated three weeks that would have been better. Kate relives the week six times. It’s enough to drive anyone a little crazy.

All in all I give this 3.5 Pearls.



Author Bio:

mary chris escobar

Award-winning author Mary Chris writes women’s fiction. She was destined to write romance from a young age (as a child, her stuffed animals always got their happily-ever-afters). She lives in Richmond, Virginia in a renovated parking garage with her husband. Find her on her website, on Twitter or just about anywhere good coffee or craft beer is served.


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On Tour with Prism Book Tours.

Fall in love in Swallow’s Fall with
The House at the End of the Street
by bestselling Australian romance author Jennie Jones!

Introduction and Exclusive Excerpt
By Author Jennie Jones

The House at the End of the Street follows the adventures of the heart for Gemma Munroe (blond, sporty, home-loving artist and would-be toy shop owner) and the love of her life – Josh Rutherford (tall, tanned, skilled with horses and carpentry and reticent to say where he’s been for the last ten years). Now he’s back for a week and sparks are flying. Josh owns the toy shop and Gem wants to buy it. But there’s more trouble at Gem’s back than she’d thought, and Josh can’t bring himself to leave town without knowing she’ll be safe.

The House at the End of the Street is book #5 in the bestselling Swallow’s Fall series. But each book in the series can be read alone and frequently are – Jennie’s had plenty of readers buy book #4 and then go back for books #1, #2 and #3.

Jennie’s fictional town of Swallow’s Fall is set in a remote country area in the Australian Snowy Mountains and boasts 100 residents. Lots of them falling in love, some of them longing for dreams to come true, some of them scheming or creating mayhem with their matchmaking plans – but all of them leaving a mark on this small country town.

Jennie has a great rapport with her readers all over the world and recently asked them if they’d read a new series: Daughters of Swallow’s Fall – and the resounding answer was – Yes!

Read on for the excerpt…

“What do you know about Grandy’s place?” he asked.

Gem’s eyebrows shot up. “The lonely homestead?”

“Why d’you call it that?”

She shrugged. “It’s been empty since he died. Most people just call it the house at the end of the street. What’s it to you anyway?”

“This and that.”

Gem’s exasperation bubbled, overwhelming the original idea of coming out here to calmly persuade him to leave town. ‘This and that,’ she parroted. “Is that all you’ve got? Why don’t you want anyone to know what you’ve been doing?”

The way he bowed his head and studied the ground, his broad shoulders slumped in some kind of despair, caused Gem some remorse.

“Are you in trouble, Josh?” she asked in a whisper. Maybe that’s why he was so evasive. Maybe he’d made a big mistake in life. Maybe he’d been in prison. No, wait—he had a tan.

He smiled at her, the skin creasing around his eyes. A little more depth to the crinkles now, suggesting that he’d done a lot of smiling over the years. That he’d enjoyed himself.

“No. I’m not in trouble.” He seemed to come out of his reverie. He lifted a hand and swept it through her hair, brushing it back from her forehead. “Not the way you’re thinking.”

Gem stilled. The gesture was one she remembered from their best-friend days of long ago, but there had been nothing more than friendship in it then—this touch spoke of everything undealt with and unsaid between them since their moment this afternoon.

The House at the End of the Street
(Swallows Fall, #5)
by Jennie Jones
Adult Contemporary Romance
August 1st 2015 by Harlequin MIRA

Bestselling Australian author Jennie Jones takes us back to Swallow’s Fall for one more story: Gemma has a burning need to stay and make a home. All Josh has ever wanted is to get out. Now he has the chance, and all he needs to do is tie up a few loose ends…

Gemma Munroe loves hard, laughs hard and plays hard. Or at least she did before today. Her dream is finally within her grasp – owning the toy shop in Swallow’s Fall and establishing herself permanently. Only one person has the power to get in her way: Josh Rutherford – the love of her life who kissed her and left her ten years ago is coming home.

Josh will be in town for five days. Only five days. He’ll finally sever the ties to a youth filled with poverty by selling the properties that are now his. He’s returning healthy, wealthy and emotionally stable, and then he’ll leave forever. It’s all in the plan. Everything…except for Gem. He never forgot her, but he definitely forgot the effect she has on him. Now she’s got problems, and he can’t seem to leave without trying to help her solve them.

The town itself also has its own plans: Gemma and Josh are thrown together in Speed-Date fiascos, kissing experiments, bar fights and an issue with the North Star – Josh’s compass and the road to his next adventure. Seven weeks later Josh is still in town. Gem has to get through her best friends’ wedding and Josh has to get over Gem. Because he’s not staying. Is he?

Book Trailer

Other Books in the Series

Find at Goodreads, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

Bestselling author Jennie Jones loves writing rich, warm-hearted and refreshing stories of adventures of the heart. She’s a self-confessed would-be small town country girl and longs for the day when she and her family can set up home in a cute country cottage in the middle of a huge field. Until then, Jennie is enjoying life a five minute walk from the beach. She can hear the ocean as she types her stories.

Tour Giveaway

$10 Amazon Gift Card or PayPal Cash and a Kindle copy of The House at the End of the Street
Open internationally (as long as you can receive winnings)
Ends August 2nd

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Sunday Post July 26, 2015


The Sunday Post is a weekly news post of what’s been going on in the last week and what is coming up. Thanks to Kimbra @Caffienated Reviewer for hosting.

Still counting down the days to cooler weather! Though today, I am writing this post with a sweatshirt and socks! No shorts and T’s for me. It’s nice to have a break from the heat.

This week was a little quiet for Writing Pearls. There have been some changes. My co-bloggers and I discovered that there is the possibility of a conflict of interest for writers that review books. It was decided that in the best interest of their careers, that they negate being reviewers at this time. They are talented ladies and I wish them all the best!

I will be flying solo for now, though, I have a guest blogger in the works. I am looking to having a baby through adoption sometime in the fall. So I’ll need all the help I can get! Will keep you posted.

This Week in Review –


This Week on Tour –


I look forward to getting back on schedule to share more great reads with you lovelies!


Blog Tour Lost

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lost covergif

Lost – The Caelian Cycle # 1
by Donnielle Tyner


Audience: Young Adult – Genre: SciFi, Paranormal – Format: E-book and Paperback – Publisher: Donnielle Tyner – Cover by: Kari Ayasha of Cover to Cover Designs – Editor: Jessica Nelson of Rare Bird Editing – Pages: 208 – ISBN-10: 069243299X  – ISBN-13: 978-0692432990 – ASIN: B00YFPW3N8 – Date Published: 6/19/2015

During WW1, a meteorite crashed, releasing a mist that changed the DNA of all who were exposed. One hundred years has passed and society is divided between the Norms and the Caelians, whose changed DNA awakened dormant gifts, called Talents.

Sadie is over it!

She’s an orphan, her boyfriend was murdered, and she’s the only Caelian at St. Vincent’s without a Talent. Once she turns 18, there will be no place for her in the world. That is, until a chance encounter with Kian, a Caelian boy who makes her feel uncomfortable and alive at the same time.

Secrets of her past are uncovered and Sadie’s latent, rare Talent is exposed. With great power comes the hunters, hired by an egomaniac who wants to use Sadie’s power to establish Caelian dominance. On the run with Kian and her friends, Sadie will have to decide: hide or fight.

Will Sadie accept her new reality or will she stay lost?

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I put my phone back in my back pocket. Crossing my arms, I looked up at the stars again. The night was devoid of clouds, unusual for spring. Golden stars glittered across the heavens, winking at me from the endless arch of the void and transporting me to a place of tranquillity. The peace of space poured into my soul.

“What’s a Liam moment?” Kian’s gruff voice whispered. I felt his hot breath caress my ear. His closeness both startled me and sent a shiver down my spine. I straightened my back.

“I thought I told you I wasn’t interested.” I attempted to make my voice sound forceful, but it came out soft. I felt the heat from his body as he stepped closer to me.

“What’s your name?” Kian asked. The gruffness of his voice from earlier had left. This new voice was smooth and flowed like poetry. My heart sped up and I heard the blood pulsing in my ears. I was sure he could hear it. What kind of Talent was he using to cause me to react this way?

“Quit using your Talent on me,” I hissed.

“I’m not. If I was, you’d know it,” he replied with a chuckle.

“Oh.” I didn’t understand what was happening. He placed a hand on my waist and the warmth was searing. I was sure it would leave a mark. My eyes closed and my breath deepened. Tingles flowed from his hand, spreading throughout my body and stirring something in my soul. I released a breath I didn’t realize I had been holding. “Take your hand off me and back away before I break your fingers.”

Kian snickered. “Spunky.”

“Creepy,” I replied.

Kian chuckled again, his hot breath shooting sparks right to my stomach.

“Don’t make me ask again.” I felt his hand tense. His fingers increased their pressure against my waist right before the coldness swept in as he removed his hand. I released the breath I was holding.

 Review – 

A copy of this book was received in exchange for an honest review. This did not affect the review in any way.

In An Oyster Shell- This book was okay, nothing to take too seriously. For a quick fun read, I recommend it.

The Pearls –

This is not usually my genre but the concept seemed interesting to me. I like paranormal fiction coming from a scientific perspective. It had a good bit of romance in it which made this a good fit for me.

The myriad of characters were wonderful. From the main character, to supporting characters. Everything worked together to make a well-balanced story of action and relationships. I loved the head teacher in this book. Some of my favorite teachers in school, where the ones who I hated at first. In the end, they ended up being one of my greatest allies. This teacher reminded me of that.

The setting of the story was one of the reasons I wanted to read this book. I love the theme of a foster-child becoming something more. They were not given up because they were less-than, but because they were more than. Often times they are being hidden in a foster situation for their own safety. I have a huge heart for the underdogs that have little to no parental guidance and make it anyways.

The Sand – I felt like the title of the book was a little cliché, not very fitting. The cover of the book could have been done better. Story could have been longer.

Overall I give this 3 pearls. I will definitely be catching the next book when it comes out.




chracter bio

sadie biokane bio




about the author

Donnielle Tyner has held down many jobs, but never found satisfaction until she became a freelance writer and stay at home mom. She began writing in junior high when a teacher gave her a book of poetry. Ever since, she found a deep passion for reading and writing. Donnielle is from North Texas and enjoys her chickens, garden, and most of all her children.

media links

follow the tour

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Blue Books and Butterflies


Author: Mary Carter

Genre: Women’s Fiction

Release Date: July 28, 2015

Publisher: Kensington

Source: Netgalley



Amazon| Goodreads

About the Book:

Ava Wilder’s home in small-town Iowa is her sanctuary. A talented sketch artist with severe agoraphobia, Ava spends her days drawing a far more adventurous life than her invisible disability allows. Until she receives a package from London, explaining that she has inherited her Aunt Beverly’s entire estate—on condition that she lives in Bev’s West End flat for a year.

Once overseas, Ava wonders if she’s simply swapped one prison for another. The streets and shops are intimidating, and Bev’s home appears to be a drop-in center for local eccentrics. Worst of all, Bev left a list of impossible provisos to be overseen by her quirky, attractive solicitor. Ava is expected to go out—to experience clubs, pubs, and culture; to visit Big Ben, Hyde Park, and the London Eye. After years of viewing the world through a pane of glass, she’s at the messy, complicated center of it. As exhilarated as she is terrified, will she be able to step up, step out, and claim the life she was meant for?

In an insightful, poignant novel, Mary Carter delves deep into self-discovery and the meaning of courage, exploring the fears that serve to protect us—until life calls us to connect at last.

In An Oyster Shell- This book was an endearing read that could be slow at times, but one me over with incredible characters, sweet story of overcoming and love, with fabulous setting. I recommend this book.

The Pearls –

The storyline of this book was absolutely great. I am learning that mental illness provides plenty of fodder for writer’s.I think this is a subject we have hardly had the luxury in history to acknowledge until now. I find the explorations of such matters fascinating and the execution of this in this book was well done.

The story was absolutely great. Set by a great main character, this story just moved right along as we followed Ava through her story. The beginning had a great hook that had you empathetic for her right away. I found myself cheering and even laughing out loud as she bumbled her way through.

The supporting characters in this story are also worth mentioning. This author has a handle on character development. There is not a character in this book that wasn’t exposed and changed by the end of the story. Well done Mary Carter!

I have to end with talking about the setting of the book. The title London from my Window’s was so appropriate. Ava lives her life from looking out the window and learning to eventually move to the other side of it. The author had great landmarks included in the story that I felt weaved a believable tale of a story set in London.

The Sand –

I feel like the author was a bit zealous at times to share the main character introspection. It slowed the book down at some points.

I give this book 4 pearls!



About the Author –

author-mary-carter-07062015Mary Carter is a novelist and workshop leader at The Writers Loft in Chicago.

Her next novel, London From My Windows, will be released July 31st, 2015.
You can Preorder it here!

Her other works include: Meet Me in Barcelona, Three Months in Florence, The Things I Do For You, The Pub Across the Pond, My Sister’s Voice, Sunnyside Blues, Accidentally Engaged, and She’ll Take It.In addition to her novels she has written six novellas: Return to Hampton Beach in the anthologized collection Summer Days, A Christmas Carousel in the anthologized collection There’s No Place Like Home, A Kiss Before Midnight in You’re Still the One, A Very Maui Christmas in the New York Times best selling anthology Holiday Magic,andThe Honeymoon House in the New York Times best selling anthology Almost Home. Her works have been translated in seven different languages, and several are available as audiobooks.

Readers can keep up with Mary on Facebook—Mary Carter Books, Twitter:@marycarterbooks and here on her website! Mary is currently at work on a murder mystery series set in Ireland which will be published Saint Patrick’s Day of 2016 under the name Carlene O’Connor, and her tenth Mary Carter novel will come out the summer of 2016.


Sunday Post July 19, 2015


The Sunday Post is a weekly news post of what’s been going on the last week and what is coming up. Thanks to Kimbra @Caffienated Reviewer for hosting this.

Summer clearance is underway and school supplies are filling up store shelves.  Soon we will be wearing boots and drinking pumpkin lattes! I can’t wait.

This week in review. Click the image for the review


On Tour this week we had

Synthetica book cover_low rescover-batter-of

This week’s discussion was about borrowing books.

Have a great week!



It’s really hard to know what to talk about from week to week. I found some suggestions from Asti at Oh! The Books. It’s been super helpful so thank you so much Asti! For compiling that list!

Last week I talked about Lending books. So it’s only fair if I talk about borrowing books.

Personally I am learning to loathe borrowing books. I end up with other people’s books that I did not really want. Then they sit my house collecting dust. In the meanwhile my heart collects overwashing guilt of possessing someone’s precious book, but not so much that I would return it.

Why does this happen?

Let’s go back to why you have the book in the first place. I’ve made it clear I don’t like borrowing books, how do I end up with them anyway. Too many times has someone come to me “Oh, You have to read this book!” Then I go okay I will have to get that eventually. No! They say as they thrust the book in your hand. You gulp with fear that they may have just signed that books life over to you and they didn’t know it. You are too polite to say no.

Then after that some people hound you about on that book I let you borrow… then there is more guilt because of course you have not read that book! Your TBR is endless you have many review’s due, dishes to tend to, the list goes on and on! They ask you day in day out. You feel your worth withering inside of you… Okay maybe it’s not that bad… but still the guilt!

And so it goes. Borrowing books is a vicious opportunity for a guilt cycle. Not to mention the little side note of what is on a borrowed book. Did you know they a study on a copy of 50 shades of Grey from a library and they found some pretty horrific stuff! Gross. Yes, that was from a library, but I think I’ve made my point. Which is funny because I like to think that same horrific stuff disappears when you buy used books… I digress.

Borrowing books can be super helpful when you need to read the book for some reason and can’t or don’t want to own it. Borrowing books has it’s place, but it’s something I do minimally.

How do you feel about borrowing books?




Sunday Post July 19, 2015


The Sunday Post is a weekly news post of what’s been going on the last week and what is coming up. Thanks to Kimbra @Caffienated Reviewer for hosting this.

This week in review. Click the image for the review.


On tour this week –


Synthetica book cover_low res

This week’s discussion we talked about borrowing books.

What do you think about doing a question of the week? I think it would be fun!

This week If you could only take one book on a deserted island what would it be?

Have a great week!


Welcome to my tour stop for A Batter of Life and Death by Ellie Alexander! This is the second book in the Bakeshop Mystery series.

The tour runs July 6-17 with reviews, interviews, guest posts and excerpts. Check out the tour page for the full schedule.

About the Book:

A Batter of Life and DeathWelcome to Torte–a small-town family bakeshop where the coffee is hot, the muffins are fresh, and the cakes are definitely to die for…

It’s autumn in Ashland, Oregon–’tis the season for a spiced hot apple cider with a serving (or two) of Torte’s famous peach cobbler. It’s also the perfect time for Jules Capshaw to promote her family’s beloved bake shop by competing in The Pastry Channel’s reality show, Take the Cake. The prize is $25,000. But as Jules quickly learns, some people would kill for that kind of dough. Literally.

Then, just as Jules dusts off her Bavarian Chocolate Cake recipe and cinches up her apron, the corpse of a fellow contestant is discovered–death by buttercream. What began as a fun, tasteful televised adventure has morphed into something of a true-crime detective show for Jules and everybody else on set. Who could have killed Chef Marco, and why? Can Jules sift out the killer before someone else gets burned?



In An Oyster Shell- As with the first book its a fun who-done-it read in a beautiful setting that will not disappoint.

The Pearls –Alexander’s clever titles just crack me up. The first book was Meet Your Baker, and this book is Batter of Life and Death. The titles are just the beginning of the unbound creativity that pours from this series.

As in the first book the setting is back at the Torte bakery in Ashland Oregon. It is set in my favorite time year in the NorthWest Fall. So it adds more cozy to this cozy mystery.

All the characters are back and better then ever. I especially liked that we get more insight into Lance who is one of my favorite supporting characters. I liked that the main characters possible love interest gets challenged with another baker that shows up in Ashland. I liked that conflict. I loved that Jule’s mom shows more growth as she and the Professor grow in their relationship.

I was pleasantly surprised at the twist of who the culprit was this time. I was half anticipating it would be the person you least suspected, therefore becoming who you most suspect; given what happened in the last book. I am glad to report that that was not the case. Alexander won major points with me for that.

The Sand –

Jules’ husband is still estranged in this book and I hate it. It adds an unnecessary complication to the plot. I feel like this is over done. I would really like this part of the story to be wrapped up because I find it annoying.

All in All I give this read a 4 pearls.



About the Author:
Ellie Alexander is a Pacific Northwest native who spends ample time testing pastry recipes in her home kitchen or at one of the many famed coffeehouses nearby. When she’s not coated in flour, you’ll find her outside exploring hiking trails and trying to burn off calories consumed in the name of research. Follow her on Facebook or Twitter to learn more.

Signed copy of Meet Your Baker and A Batter of Life and Death, 1 pound coffee, Oregon Chai, Gourmet cupcake liners (US)

Ends July 21st

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This event was organized by CBB Book Promotions.


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Blog Tour – Synthetica by Rachel Pattinson

synthetica tour banner

Synthetica book cover_low resSynthetica (Synthetica #1)

by Rachel Pattinson 

Release Date: 04/01/15




Amazon | Goodreads

Summary from Goodreads:

This city is falling.

Seventeen-year-old Anais Finch lives in a world where everyone is born beautiful, where every dream is a possibility – and where their every move and every piece of personal information is recorded by an ID picochip inserted behind their right ear. When technology giant, Civitas, finally announces the launch of their highly anticipated Scholarly Learning Programs, which allow people to download and learn any subject instantly, Anais can hardly wait.

But not everyone is pleased with society’s progress, and not everyone wants to fit in. When Anais witnesses a brutal murder on an innocent citizen and is implicated in the crime, she becomes determined to uncover the truth, especially when others like it begin to occur all over the city. But it may already be too late for Anais to stop the man who calls himself ‘the Hacker’ before he commits his most appalling crime yet… 

Excerpt 3 (from Chapter 3):

She turned to the body of the attacker, who was still staring up at the sky. He, too, looked beyond help. Blood dribbled from his mouth, staining his clothes. But there was something else, something dark on the side of his neck. It didn’t look like blood, but before Anais could move to get a closer look, a scream ripped through the cool night air. She jumped and looked up to see a woman with white hair tied back in a severe ponytail and holding several glossy carrier bags, looking at her in horror. Anais glanced down and saw that the man’s blood was now splattered on her shirt – her jeans were rapidly becoming wet from where the dark puddle was spreading out from the man’s body. She jerked her head back up to look at the woman, who’s eyes were popping. The woman dropped her bags on the floor, and began backing down the walkway, her wide eyes still fixed on the bloody scene in front of her.

W-wait,” Anais tried to call out, but her throat was suddenly dry, her heart beating far too fast. She could barely get the word out; but even as she spoke, the woman turned and fled back the way she had come.

Wait,” Anais cried, her voice stronger. “Come back! I need your help!”

But it was too late. The woman had already gone. Anais looked round, panic rising in her gut, and for a brief, crazy moment she wondered if she should simply just run for it. The man in front of her gave a faint groan. She jumped, not expecting him to make a noise, and stared down at him, a fog descending over her brain as she panicked over what to do. It was a few seconds before she realised the man was still making a noise – he was trying to speak. She leant in closer, trying to catch his words, but his voice was now too faint, and he gave a nasty, gargling cough.

What?” Anais said, her heart pounding as she leant in even closer, her ear almost brushing his dry lips. But he fell silent again, and Anais sat back up, trying to breathe evenly. If she stayed, she’d be implicated in the crime. If she left, the man would surely die – but she couldn’t call for the medics without it being traced back to her RetCom ID. She stared wildly round, praying for someone, anyone, to come and help her.

Luckily, at that moment, any decision-making was taken right out of her hands. Sirens wailed, cutting through the night air; and within seconds a small white medi-cab hummed round the corner towards her. There was a blinding flash, and Anais shielded her eyes with her hand, looking up at the source of the brilliant white light. There a low noise – a sound almost less than sound itself – a deep vibration that made Anais cringe to hear it. A police hovercraft descended from the sky above.

Suspect,” boomed a loud automated voice, making the air shiver around her. “You are required to stand with your hands in the air. Drop your weapons. If you do not run, you will not be harmed. Suspect – you are required to stand -”

Anais stood up shakily, feeling her jeans sticking uncomfortably to her. She was encased in the blindingly white searchlight, unable to see the scene unfolding around her as she slowly raised her hands into the air.

About the Author

rachel pattinson

So what qualifies me to be a writer? Well, ever since an early age I’ve been more interested in the worlds in my head, than the real one – so I thought it was finally time to do something about it. I went to uni, got a degree in publishing, worked in an office for a while, decided I hated it, went to China, came back…and now I’m a teaching assistant by day and a YA writer by night. Phew! It’s been quite a journey, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

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